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This is part two of my college girl sex video stories!

I went back to my room where I was met by a group of sorority sisters. You did very well last they smiled pleasantly. Are you ready for the next step? I almost said no but I did not want to disappoint my mom and they were right, I needed to learn. So, I agreed. What I had to do next was more in my control, so I agreed. I had to make a video of myself seducing and fucking a girl outside of the sorority. That was easy I thought.

I found the subject a shy but pretty girl who was a bit nerdy and I asked her to my room where I had a hidden camera set up. We talked about homework and college life and were enjoying each other but I was on a mission.

I told her I had some clothes I wanted to get rid of and asked if she wanted to try them on. She said yes and took her clothes off. I complimented her as I reached out and stroked her waist telling her she was beautiful. I was about to go in for the kiss when suddenly she was on top of me pushing me to the floor. We were kissing heatedly, and her fingers were sliding into my shorts. She knew exactly how to touch me and stroked my sore pussy expertly.

Her kiss moved to between my legs and she was sucking on my clit.

I forgot all about the camera and let myself just experience every sensation. After she had made me cum three times in her mouth. She sat on my face and taught me how to touch her with my tongue. She guided and encouraged until I had her exploding all over my face.

The sisters were very pleased with that college girl sex video, they said I was a natural and the only other thing I had to do was get a video fucking a staff member of my choosing.

This I thought was going to be very hard because I did not want to get expelled but as luck would have it, I had a perverted professor who could not take his eyes off all the girls’ tits and asses! Here was my way in. I intentionally wore low cut blouses and made it a point to sit right in front of him bending over multiple times during class. It was to easy. His bulging pants told me I could fuck him anytime I wanted. I just had to do it in front of the camera. So, I set it up in my purse and left it sitting on my desk.

On the third day, I waited until everyone was gone from the classroom. I walked over and locked the door. He asked what I was doing, and I sat on his desk spreading my legs revealing I had no underwear on under my mini skirt.

I said nothing just reached down and pulled his hand to my pussy. He stroked me hard and rough as if he had never touched a pussy before. I guided his hand ground against him. I was completely turned off so I thought of the girl I had fucked and made myself wet. Then I pulled his cock out and laid down on the desk he covered me and fucked me thrusting hard 4 times before he pulled out spewing his cum all over the desk.

I sat up adjusting my clothes and without saying a word I walked out of the room.

I know he wondered if I did it for a good grade. That was ok, I would make him wait and wonder what it is that I want. I know one thing though. I would never fuck that man again. Would be fucking that hot nerdy girl as many times as I can!

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