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My college girl sex stories won’t start with me being a virgin. As a matter of fact, I lost my virginity to a hot little stud in high school. So naturally by the time I was a freshman in college, I was ready to experiment. I was ready to broaden my horizons and learn exactly what turned me on. So it’s no surprise that when the opportunity to smash my English professor presented itself, I locked on tight and took him for one hell of a ride.

The professor had assigned a term paper; it would be a major part of our total grade. He’d warned us about the dangers of waiting until the last minute. But we all know how those college parties are, there are more of them than study hours. He was such a loving teacher; the closer the time came that the paper was due, the more he began to meet with us one-on-one. Each of us students would have the opportunity to meet with him in his office to get any additional help we might need. When I finally took my turn to meet with the professor, it was a Thursday evening. I was nervous because I had barely done anything on my term paper not to mention how hot he was.

College sex girl stories in my head

The thought of him and I sitting in his office alone had my panties a little damp already. When I walked into his office he was already sitting at his desk going through some papers. When he noticed me, he immediately invited me in. I came in and sat my book bag down on the chair before saying,

“Professor, could I be excused to use the restroom first?” He nodded his head and I retreated to the restroom down the hall.  My college girl sex stories of fucking my teacher began to flood my head. I fixed my hair, added some red lipstick to my lips, and unbuttoned the top buttons of my shirt. I wanted to bring his attention to my perfect tits. After a once over in the mirror I was ready to become a “teacher’s pet”

Back at the office!

When I arrived back at his office, the professor was sitting at his desk and had begun reading over my paper. I picked up my chair walked it over and sat it right next to his. Leaning my body over his, I could see all the notes and corrections he was making in my paper. I’m no longer that naïve little girl in high school. I know what I want and exactly how to get it.

He wanted to fuck me badly; his cock was telling me so. Even though he continued to try to talk to me about my paper, I had already begun to unbutton my shirt. The professor smiled back at me, he knew he wanted a taste. He helped me out of my shirt and bra. My nipples were hard as he moved his head down to suck on them. He pulled down my shorts and panties together,
The professor’s hand moved in between my warm thighs, and up towards wet pink slit. He worked his finger on my clit before sticking two fingers inside of me. He let out a sexy moan when he saw how tight that little pussy was. By the time I unzipped his pants and brought his cock out, it was already throbbing. I could tell it was ready to fuck me.

I tossed all of the papers from his desk to the floor and sat my bare ass right on it. Grabbing him by the waist, I pulled him on top of me. The college girl sex stories I had before had nothing on this moment. The professor and I spent all evening fucking. Want to hear all the naughty details? Or maybe you want to make your own barely legal sex or college girl sex stories!  You should pick up the phone and let’s play!
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