College girl sex is always so hot, but things got extra steamy the night I met my creepy old professor at a bar.

Being a college girl was hard!  My grades were dropping and very nearly were beyond saving.  Luckily my professor was a sick fuck who loves taking advantage of pretty young things like me.  He told me we could work something out if I met him at a bar across town. I knew he would want something sexual out of me, but my parents were going to flip if I failed another class.  Sometimes a girl has to do what a girl has to do, so I went to the bar and waited for the old man to walk in.

He asked why I was so behind as he bought us drinks.  I had to be honest with him and told him I loved to party.  It was just that simple. He smiled as if that’s exactly what he wanted to hear.  My professor had no qualms about letting me know that our arrangement had other stipulations.  I had to humor his fantasies for one night and I would pass his class with flying colors.

How hard would it be to just lay there and take 10 minutes of thrusting from this old codger?

I had to fuck a lot of strange and unattractive men as a college girl to get what I needed.  This would be a piece of cake. I wasn’t necessarily wrong, I just underestimated how nasty this old creep was!!  This wasn’t going to be one of those dirty sex stories, but it was going to be messy!!  When we got to his house, I was to lay on the bed, flat on my back, butt naked.  

The professor made it clear that he had no intentions of pleasing me. If I was going to continue to be a college girl I would do as he I was told.  I was getting a passing grade, tonight was for him. He had me spread my legs wide open and started rubbing his cock. It took all of two minutes before he came hard from rubbing his little cock.  I have never seen anyone blow their load so fast.

To my amazement, though – he was rock hard again in less than 5 more minutes.  

All this old man wanted to do was rub his cock!!  I was so insulted!.  I understood why.  His dick was so shrunken that I would never feel it, and he probably got more out of his hand than he would get out of my pussy!  I spent the night with this creep and it wasn’t long until I realized he wanted me covered head to toe in his cock juice. He came all over my pussy, gt hard again, then came all over my stomach.  

The more he rubbed his cock, it took him longer to get off, it took him longer to get hard again, but his cum shots got bigger and bigger.  He came all over my tits, one at a time. Then he stood on his knees next to my face and shot his biggest load all over my pretty little profile.  He made me lay still and pulled out his phone to snap pictures of his cum covered college girl! It was by far the strangest sexual experience I’ve ever had, but my skin was so soft the next day!!

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