A college girl can really wind a man up..

A college girl seducing him was never something he anticipated, much less from an intern. However, poor Joseph was pretty much at the top of his game and his marketing office, and he made the horrible decision of hiring me. Sure, it was only a temporary job, as much as they like to sell the ‘could become a paid position’ line. Yeah, bullshit. I knew I was only there for a little while and had no intentions of staying, other than to mess with his head and become the boss’s slut. He was ridiculously cute, what can I say? It didn’t take much work to turn him on and get inside his fantasies, anyway.

All it took was a little dressing up.

No, not dressing slutty, or revealing. It was a marketing firm, I couldn’t make it openly raunchy like that. My plan of attack was all through showing off curves in some form-fitting skirts that let his imagination run wild.. And after that, just teasing him with the way I’d talk to him. Before long, I was spending every lunch in his office, relaxing and picking his brain.. Until one day, I flipped the switch and took it a step further, sitting on his desk and crossing my legs as we ate. This sent my skirt skidding up, revealing a little thigh, giving him the tiniest peek at my panties.. And I could practically see the boner in his pants growing. I could also see all the daydreams in his head, of the first chance he might get to fuck a college girl in his own office.

His imagination was running wild, and I was just playing with my prey at that point! The first time he looked up at me and drew a little closer, I pulled him in by his tie. My lips left tiny kisses against his neck, burning right through the barrage of “we can’t do this, we’re at work” and all the other likely excuses. But no, I wasn’t listening to them, and he was only saying them out of moral obligation..

Come play with me.

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