College girl gets you off HARD! Who knew that mere latex gloves could be so incredibly arousing?

College girl explores weird fetishes – Last year, I interned at a local sex research lab. During my time there, I studied a variety of sexual fetishes. Despite the clinical setting, this horny girl found it quite the “stimulating” place to work!

First of all, people in varying forms of undress filled the lab. Second, I saw sex all around me! Seriously, it was everywhere. Talk about organized chaos. Everywhere I looked, some sort of sexual activity was going on. It was “all in the name of science,” if you can believe that!

Although it was clearly a professional operation, I found I was constantly super aroused. The scents, sights, and sounds were inescapable. In fact, I often found myself ducking into the staff bathroom for quick relief! Most of the time, it was my job to simply observe subjects’ sexual activities and to record the results.

However, sometimes the “sexperiments” required my active participation.

That’s what happened on your very first day at the sex lab. Reviewing the sex questionnaire you’d completed, I could see evidence of multiple fetishes. In particular, your scores indicated a love of latex and foot fetish stories. “Mmm,” I thought to myself. “This guy will be quite interesting to ‘study!'”

Greeting you with a professional smile, I handed you a hospital gown. Then, I instructed you to disrobe. “Be sure to leave it open to the front, Sir,” I said as I exited the room to give you some privacy. When I returned a few minutes later, I found you sitting on the paper-covered exam table.

Hiding a smile, I ignored your gasp of surprise when I busily secured your wrists and thighs to each side with leather straps.

“Is-is it really necessary to restrain me, Ms. Blackwood?” you asked uncertainly. “Of course it is,” I answered, my expression serious. “We need to observe your reactions without any interference.”

Observing you closely, I pulled on a pair of slick, latex gloves. Of course, I made certain to snap them several times as I casually adjusted the fit. Unsurprisingly, your reaction was pretty much instantaneous. Indeed, one look at the supple rubber stretched to encase my fingers and you were already on the edge!

First, I lightly stroked a latex-covered fingertip along the underside of your now-raging erection. I was amused to note that you were trying not to make a sound. Next, while making sure you could see exactly what I was doing, I squirted lubricant all over my gloved hand. Then, I wrapped those slippery fingers around your cock. Finally, I began to slowly stroke you.

You exhaled with a strangled groan.  “Does that hurt, Sir?” I purred in mock-concern. “I’ll stop if it’s too much for you.”

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