One, Two, Three, Four! Who’s the sluttiest little whore?!? I used to be a cheerleader when I was in high school. I was freaking amazing and I had a ton of fun cheering at the school football games. I loved wearing my little uniform, kicking my legs up high and knowing that all the guys were looking at me. I’m no longer a cheerleader since I’m in college now and don’t have time to do it but I still support the school team. I just support them now by fucking every guy on the team. I did it in record time but I saved Alex, the team captain, for last. He was the star and I wanted to fuck him on a special night so I waited until they won a big game. They celebrated by throwing a house party that I showed up to wearing a  dress with nothing underneath it. Panties are just a waste of time in my world.
When I got there everyone was well on their way to being drunk and I joined in. Hey, free booze is free booze and I made sure to get my fill. I started feeling tipsy and went to the living room so I could sit down. Alex was on the couch playing with his phone and I sat beside him. He didn’t look up so I took his phone out of his hand. That got his attention. I dropped it on the coffee table and put my hand over his crotch, gently rubbing him as I told him how great he had played. I felt him harden and kept going as I told him how I couldn’t take my eyes off him during the game. I undid his zipper, reached in and pulled out his dick. He looked around and I told him not to worry; everyone was too busy to notice us.
I stood up, grabbed the hem of my dress and slowly raised it until I was showing him my bare pussy. He licked his lips as I straddled him. I could feel his dick pressing against my pussy and I reached down. I wrapped my thumb and finger around his head and gently jerked it up and down. He groaned and pushed his hips up. I asked if he was still worried about people seeing us and he shook his head. I raised myself up a bit to get in a better position then lowered myself down. I felt my pussy stretch as he pushed in deeper. When he was in I began to ride him. I heard some murmurs and noise and I looked over my shoulder. Some of the guys had noticed what was going on. I love having an audience; it’s such a turn on! I blew them a kiss then began riding Alex harder, impaling myself on his dick. Alex was moaning and holding my hips as I bounced up and down on him, feeling an orgasm building. I moved a few more times then started to cum. Alex lifted my hips, moving me on him and he started to cum.
I let him finish before sliding off his lap, sprawled across the couch and looked around me. I had drawn quite a crowd as I tried to remember what other school teams I could support.