“It’s called ‘Tequila Slap,'” Angel repeated over the din of the bar. “Wanna play?”

As I glanced up from her eye-popping cleavage, she slowly batted her long eyelashes as she awaited my answer. I stared at the double tequila shot. Although I wasn’t drunk, I wasn’t entirely sober, either. Behind me, my buddies began snickering. Obviously, it was the perfect time for Angel’s college drinking game!

“Uh, yeah. How do you play?” I asked.

“Easy. First, the shot. Then, a tequila slap while you swallow. Can you handle it, baby?”

Perplexed yet aroused, I looked back and forth between her glossy red lips and the tequila. Strangely, I felt my cock twitch in my jeans. “Sure,” I heard myself say.

As I took the glass, my fingers brushed against her satiny skin. Hesitating briefly, I gazed at her. I was close enough to feel the heat radiating from her petite body as she smiled at me expectantly. Throwing back the shot, I tasted the familiar bite on my tongue. Before I could swallow, she swiftly smacked my left cheek with a resounding….


I managed not to spit out the Cuervo, although a few drops dribbled down my chin. As the sting of her slap faded, my head spun as the booze burned a fiery trail down my throat. Nearby, a table full of Angel’s hot girlfriends cheered on our college drinking game. Opening my eyes, I was greeted by Angel’s dazzling smile just before she pulled me into her embrace.

Instantly, I was rock hard. Did she notice?

Taking the glass, she handed me a napkin. Suddenly shy as fuck, I tried to say something cool or at least mumble coherently. But before I could say a word, she turned to rejoin her friends. As my friends bought me another round, I realized I couldn’t stop watching her. However, she didn’t look back at me again as she danced with guys and drank with her friends. A pang of sorrow lurked under my growing buzz. Several beers later, I noticed that the cock teasing college girl had left.

Disappointed, drunk, and horny, I stumbled alone down the empty street, a sorry excuse for a male.  As I fumbled for the keys to my front door, crumpled bills spilled out of my pocket. Leaning forward precariously to pick them up, the napkin caught my eye. Because I’d been so shocked by her slap and the burn of the tequila, I hadn’t noticed the note:

“Can I buy you a coffee tomorrow? No slap, I promise.

My heart soared. Could Angel’s college drinking game lead to something more? Collapsing on my sofa, I smiled as I closed my eyes. All over again, I could smell her hair and feel her warm touch. In my mind, she strutted through my front door toward me. Then she tugged her sexy dress over her head, revealing sheer, lacy red panties.

Angel grinned sinfully at me as her panties dematerialized in a puff of smoke, leaving her utterly nude. My mouth fell open as I feasted my eyes upon her silky blonde hair, pert young breasts, tanned sleek thighs, and finally, her silken smooth cunt.

Before I could speak, she straddled me, her tits in my face and her moist heat nuzzling against my throbbing erection. Wasting no time, Angel kissed, licked, and nibbled her way down to my rigid dick, making me writhe in urgent pleasure. Then, she slipped back up along my body to bury me deep inside her drenched pussy. Reaching around, she fondled my ballsack as she rode me, slowly at first, then increasingly faster.

Oh, yes. Fuck me, Angel!

As she rode me, her breasts bounced enticingly. Ravenously, I suckled a swollen pink nipple, making her whimper and pant. We quickly built to a resounding orgasm! As I burst over the edge, I imagined that blazing hand slap. I groaned as I helplessly exploded, feeling the burn and exhilaration all over again. The room spun. Then, quickly as I’d conjured her, she disappeared.  I passed out in a blissful mess, dreaming of my wicked Angel.

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