This Collared Bitch Is A Good Girl Sometimes

Keith turned me into a little bitch last night and I behaved like a good girl. I crawled around on the floor naked and smiled at all of his friends. Then Keith told me he was having a night of kinky fun at his house and he wanted me to entertain his guests. I asked him what he wanted me to do but he wouldn’t tell me anything except “Obey me and be a good little bitch for your Master.” God, I love when he gets all dominant with me!

So I got there early and he told me to get naked then get down on all fours on the ground. I did what he wanted. He took out a shopping bag from the closet. He opened it and took out a hot pink collar and leash. It had silver rhinestones around it and he asked me if I liked it. Of course, I did! He knelt down beside me and I lifted my head up so he could put the collar around my neck. As soon as it closed around me I felt like I was his until he chose to give me my freedom back and took it off.

The doorbell rang and he said, “Stay.” I did and a minute later he came back. “Good girl,” he said, picking up the leash. “Come on, I’m going to show you off to everybody.” He turned and tugged on the leash, yanking me towards him as he walked out the door. I couldn’t believe he was going to treat me like a dog in front of everyone. It was so humiliating and degrading but I kind of liked it. I crawled after him as my pussy got wet and he led me into the living room.

  I looked around and saw about 15 people standing around.

Keith paraded me around and they looked at me. “Does that bitch do any tricks?” one of the guys asked while another one came towards me. “I bet she does,” he said, stopping in front of me and Keith yanked my leash up hard, forcing me to kneel. “Go on, show them how you like to beg for cock.” I put my paws up and stuck my tongue out, flicking it then said: “Please, please can I suck some cock?” The guy that was standing in front of me undid his jeans and pulled his dick out.
He held it in front of my face and rubbed the tip of it over my mouth. “Is this what you want? Huh?” he said teasing me and I nodded eagerly. He quickly grabbed my head and I opened my mouth as he shoved his dick into it. I gagged as he went down my throat and barely got my lips around his shaft before he started thrusting his hips back and forth. I managed to get into a rhythm and sucked him good and hard while all of the other guests watched us.

My mouth moved up and down him as he pulled my hair and when he started to cum I swallowed it down, not spilling a drop of it.

     He pushed me away and I knelt there panting as Keith held my leash again. “See what a good girl she is? Tonight she’s going to sit here and anyone can use her as their personal cocksucker. She won’t say no but she will beg like a whore so don’t be shy.”

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