The Night It all Started

When Karren invited me to a Halloween Party who knew it was a furry fetish party too. She showed up at my house saying we would just get ready there. I had bought a cute Cheerleader outfit any college girl would love to show off in. Short and sexy I’m sure it would drive the boys crazy. After all, I am a single fetish phone sex operator who loves a good time! Who doesn’t want some action on Halloween night?

Getting Ready

When Karren arrived she took one look at my outfit an said “Ummm Not tonight Brittany. Well, maybe some of this will work.” She handed me what looked like gray fuzzy ears and a butt plug gray tail. There were also wrap around calf ankles that were also fuzzy. I looked at her an said, “Really I’m going as a Wolf?” Looking at me she said, “trust me, Britt, you will get lots of action in this tonight!” “Than Ok let’s do this.” I got Dressed Karren did my make up as well. I have to say I did look kind of cute. This cheerleader outfit showed off everything I needed to and the Wolf on top of it made it look even better.

fetish phone sex

Party Time

Karren and I Arrived at the Party looking like the two best Wolf and Deer combo there was! However, I’m not sure I was ready for what I walked into.  I was walking into a sex porno with people looking like animals. There where guys dress head to toe in bear, lions and Wolf costumes.  Guys had nothing but holes for their cocks cut out. They were big piles of furry fetish loving creatures all around the hose and sex toys scattered around. As weird as it was I was kind of turned on.  One thing for sure I was gonna get some action tonight! I was only watching about 5 mins until I got pulled into the yiff pile.

Naughty Furry Fetish Fun

In one swift movement, I could feel fur on every inch of my body. Quickly a cock was thrust into my gaping mouth as I tried to regain my composure. I don’t know what was wetter, my mouth from my gag reflex or my horny mutt pussy. I whimpered setting into the enjoyment. However, the cocks did not stop stuffing my eager holes. I tried to catch sight of Karren and when I did I couldn’t help but stuff my paw into her pussy hole. She yiffed out in joy as I cried out how much I love this furry fetish. Although the fucking was just started I couldn’t hold back from squirting all over the wolf who was stuffing himself inside of me. It was going to be quiet the night!

XOXO Brittany XOXO

Sunday through Thursday

  11 PM till 7 AM



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