Cuckolding was a regular thing for Andre and I. I loved hooking up with him anytime a tiny cock wanted to be fed.

Cuckolding sorta lost its charm when he would flaunt his BBC to just about anyone. Challenging every guy he deemed a bitch. I love all cock bigger or smaller than his. I just love to play out a man’s fantasy…but he took it too far.

So I decided his 9-inch cock needed to be put in its place. At the end of the day, my needs and pleasure were above his. I put out a sexy ad looking for a hot white bull of a man. I wanted a big white cock to fill my pussy full of cum. Make a nice treat for Andre. I wasn’t dating him so much as I was just fulfilling a cuckolding fetish for some of my friends who lacked size.

After I posted looking for said BWC (Big White Cock) I got several hits! I spoke to each on the phone and exchanged pictures. I settled on a guy who rocked his big dick better than Andre. His name was Lucas, he had 12 inches of uncut perfection and had a huge sack to match the tool.

I met up with Lucas that weekend and fucked him multiple times. His performance was stellar and I even considered making him someone I would hook up with on the reg.  After the 3rd orgasm and load he delivered deep inside of me I stashed him away in my spare room to relax.

I called Andre and told him I was desperate to have my pussy licked. I had to keep pushing his cum back inside of my pussy. Didn’t want Andre to see what kind of snack I packed for him. Andre came over pretty fast since he and I hadn’t played in a few days. He didn’t care for a basic bitch…he loved my delicious little pussy.

He came into my room already and naked for me.

Then he got in between my legs and started to lick my pussy with fever and need. He told me how my pussy tasted extra yummy, his tongue pushed in deeper, he sucked, licked, and told me how creamy and sweet I was.

I couldn’t help myself when I finally giggled. He looked up from between my legs and asked why I was laughing at him. His chin was covered in Lucas’ cum! Lucas heard my laughs and came into the room with a fresh hard-on. Before Andre could ask, I told him how he just licked three loads of Lucas out of me.

Lucas sported his much bigger cock and threw insults at Andre’s cock. He told Lucas a new cuckolding bull was around. Andre was furious, he still licked his lips obviously savoring Lucas. He left pretty fast feeling absolutely humiliated!

I love cuckolding men with Lucas and his huge white cock!

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