Cocksucking Lessons For Bi-Curious Guys

Cocksucking lessons for bi-curious guys are fucking smoking hot! I am a professional, so who better to teach you how to drain a load from a rock hard cock? Maybe you have always really wanted to suck a dick, but didn’t quite know how. I would be more than happy to describe in great detail how to purse your lips and go deep to get a load in your mouth! I know you have gay fantasies you want to confess. Don’t be shy honey, I will share with you in a threesome if that’s an easier transition. Bi guys are the fucking hottest!

I get so turned on when guys suck each others dicks. You can feel their mushroom head pounding on your tongue. You want to wet your lips and curl your tongue around the base of his shaft while sliding his man meat as far as you can down into your throat.

Cocksucking lessons 1 and 2.


Breathing is key to not gagging. Make sure you make eye contact with your cocks owner. They love slutty dick sucking men to look them in the eyes while swallowing their shaft. It’s a big turn on. Take a big, deep breath, insert dick, breathe out slowly through your nose while the head is passing by your uvula and hold it out. When you accept the cock in, breathe out. When it’s on the out stroke, breathe in through your nose. You will pick this skill up quickly with practice.

Cocksucking lessons 3 and 4


Your hands should not cover more than three inches of shaft. Otherwise, it’s a wet hand job. Grab the base tightly to get maximum mushroom head swelling. Your other hand should not be jacking your own dick, even though you will want to. Girls don’t finger their cunts while giving head until they are professional cocksuckers who can multitask. Your job is to concentrate on his cock and balls. Your other hand will be placed on his ballsack.

It should cradle and gently squeeze the nutsack until you feel it tightening. This will tell you when the cock is getting ready to blow. Keep doing what you are doing, and you will feel his vein start to get bigger and expand.

Yes. You can feel it coming up the shaft before it explodes in your mouth.

If you need moral support, I will suck with you. I will drench it in pussy juice, and make all your bisexual fantasies cum true! Forced or not, closet faggot or not. if you dream of cocksucking lessons experience is everything,

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