Cocksucker Training Sessions, Getting the Job CUMpleted!

Have you lain awake in the middle of the night thinking about how fucking HOT it would be if you had a sex slave like me? A whore to do your bidding? A tender young thing to give some Cocksucker Training Sessions to? Well, hold on to your hat, this one is going to be a doozie!

First of all, they were around forty; the wife looked a bit older than the husband. I was selling those annoying ass magazines to pay my way through grad school and every sale was important. I had thought of other ways but…

Cocksucker Session Training Wasn’t my FIRST Thought to Make Ends Meet!

I mean, who EVER thinks, ‘I’m gonna suck dick door-to-door! No one, that’s who! But, a girl has to always be thinking of how to pay those bills, right? So, I found myself flirting with everyone, everywhere, and ALL the time! Old men, old women, teens, hell – I even flirted with the pastor at my church. And DON’T THINK he wasn’t all about it too! Haha.

Cocksucker training sessions can cum out of nowhere… trust me! Before I knew it, they were turning me into an Ass Seen on T.V. ad. You know, face down, ass up! Sometimes, I think the wife was even hungrier for my nubile body than her husband was!

Furthermore, Training Cums All Day and Night!

They found out that I wasn’t from America and maybe my family wouldn’t search for me. At least, not for a long time. They sat on the couch and started touching each other right in front of me. I squirmed a little, feeling uncomfortable. But, they brought me in with them and the next thing I knew, I was in a three-way kiss. Yay for cocksucker training sessions!

Seconds later, his dick was gagging me fully, and I couldn’t get enough! I was instantly aDICKted to those bulging veins. Needing to lick them all. And, I can feel his heartbeat through those veins and they make me wet!

The Training Session Never Stops.

Also, I found that cocksucker training sessions pop up at any time of the day or night. Don’t plan on sleep! Haha. I was awake early. But, it never bothers me, cuz I’m always thirsty for jizz!

The bottom line is that if you’re really open (and I mean REALLY open!) try it. I’m certain you can’t get sucked enough. So, why not have a cute young thing like me, take up the slack left when your main lady is too tired?

Is There Such A Thing as Too Much Training?

Or, better yet have the ultimate threesome whenever you need it? You can’t find a hungrier girl than one with lots of student loans to pay off. Invite her to join your family and becum a slut for you BOTH to play with. Get your fetish phone sex fix on cocksucker training sessions with an open-minded phone slut who wants to give you everything you need!

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