I needed dick bad last night. All I could think about was Oral Sex Stories and a big, thick dick.  My mouth needed to be filled with dick pressing against my tongue.

 Hooking up with an old fuck buddy that I knew was hung like a horse I decided to go to town. I had something different on my naughty mind and I knew I’d have more Oral Sex Stories to write about.

Blowjobs can get boring. I know most guys would disagree with that because they’re with girls who only give them once or twice a year.  They’re like rare prizes but for girls like me just sucking on a dick isn’t enough sometimes.

I need to spice things up and thought I’d show an anal virgin the joy of using a butt plug.

 Kyle hates having his ass played with but I pouted and batted my eyelashes until he finally agreed to it. He’d do anything to get his dick down my throat. We got naked and I grabbed the lube, spreading it on my fingers then got between his legs.

His dick was already half-hard and I spread his legs further apart so I could get to his tight little asshole.  Pushing my finger against it he scrunched his face up as I worked it inside him. I wanted to add to my collection of Oral Sex Stories so this was perfect.

His hole squeezed around my finger and it took me ages before I could get another one in him. I used my other hand to stroke his thigh, ignoring his hardening dick, as I told him to relax. Flicking my tongue over his dick I encouraged him and felt him try to relax his ass. I moved my fingers around a bit then slid them out.

 He looked scared as I lubed up the butt plug, it probably seemed huge to him but I knew it wasn’t that bad. I put the tip of it against his slick hole and began pushing it into him. It went in pretty easily and it was fun seeing it disappear into him.

 His hole closed around it and when it was all in he shifted around to get used to the feeling. He seemed to like it and I bent lower to give his dick some attention. I put my warm, soft hand around it and gave it a few strokes as it throbbed between my fingers.

 He felt so hard and heavy and I slid my hand down to his base as I stuck out my tongue. I licked up and down his dick, covering him with spit as he did little moans.  Pressing my tongue on the underside of his head I licked it to drive him crazy then went up.

Licking around his head and over his slit and then I went back down his dick. I put my lips over his head and started swallowing him inch by inch as I relaxed my throat. He hit the back of it and I started sucking him off while I stroked the top half of his dick.

 I pressed my lips firmly around him as I went up and down, my fingers moving steadily.

My gag reflex kicked up when he thrust forward but I kept going.  Working his dick as drool slipped down my chin. He moaned and said he was about to cum so I sucked him hard and fast, making him shoot a big load down my throat.

Sliding him out of my mouth and licking my lips clean as I put a finger on the end of the butt plug. I moved it slowly inside of him and asked if he was in the mood to try something else. He was too out of it to say ‘No’ so I decided to push my luck and show him other anal delights until it was Morning.

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