I have my sexy red pumps on with a 6-inch heel. I know how your little dick gets hard when I put those on, along with my fishnet stockings and tight short leather skirt. Oh yes- we are going to have some fun tonight. I want do some cock stomping on my pathetic loser tonight!

Take your clothes off. Stand in front of me completely naked while I laugh at your exposed hairy body. I can’t tell if your tiny dick has grown yet.It’s hidden underneath your belly.

I am going to hurt my loser boyfriend tonight. And you will love it too.

Lie on the cold hard floor on your back. Do not touch that little penis until I say you can. I am going to kick you with my hot heels. I’ll put my shoe in your mouth and make you lick it. Beg for it.

Beg me to walk on you, digging my heels in your chest. You can look up my skirt, but you cannot touch me. Your cock twitches while you see my sweet plump pussy. No, you cannot taste my pussy.

Is your little dick growing? It looks like a clit to me. You are not even a real man. You claim it is hard. So you are ready for what you came here for. Lay on your side. Put your cock out. I walk up to you. Beg me for it. “Please Mistress Samantha, Please hurt me!” You plead. I take a look at that cock, and I slam my shoe down hard on it! My heel digs into your balls. You scream and I laugh. Yeah it hurts now but you will be dreaming of this pain for the rest of your pathetic life! This was a cock stomping you will never forget!

Phone Sex Kingdom Nicole Burke