I was a cheerleader in high school until I graduated. I will never forget what the coach of the football team did one year. So I was running really late for practice, I completely forgot to pack the right panties to put under my cheer skirt. I was wearing a nude thong and worried that someone might notice.

Luck would have it…it was a pretty windy day. The whole cheer that afternoon, everyone and God saw my ass and possibly part of my pussy lip? I kept trying to fix my situation. However not much you can do about nature when it decides to make fun of you!

Skip to later that day. Apparently one of the football coaches took great notice of my little ass hanging out of my skirt. He called me into his office when I was passing by. He told me to close the door. I was scared I was going to be in deep shit of not having the right attire under my skirt. Instead, he came around and sat on his desktop. He just looked down at me.

My body went from normal to hot in a flash. A man of at least 45 was looking at me like I was a tasty treat to savor. My nipples poked out lightly against my cardigan. The coach finally asked me what kind of message I was trying to send other girls. I told him about the mistake and promised it to not happen again. He arched a brow and said I had to make it up! Make it up? I asked. He shook his head yes and told me I could be suspended.

I didn’t want that on my file! He ran his finger down the front of my cardigan. Making sure the tip of it grazed my hard nipple. My pussy tightened.  I slowly lifted my eyes to his. He yanked me out of my chair. He bent me hard over the desk and lifted my skirt. Then he licked his finger and slid it up and down my ass crack and pussy. He pushed his face right into my ass. I could feel him inhaling. He pulled the thong to the side, he took a huge sniff of the skinny part of the panties.

He then pushed his tongue into my asshole. So he rimmed it and flicked his tongue over it. His finger worked into my wet pussy and pumped. The coach stood up and started to work his cock into my ass. It was uncomfortable at first but he murmured that he didn’t want to have any chance of getting me pregnant. He blew his load inside my ass.

When pulled out and told me I wasn’t going to cum today. If I wanted to, I would have to come back tomorrow with the thong soaked in his cum.  I did go back the next day…He put my dirty panties in his mouth when he fucked me.

Now and then I would hide dirty panties in his desk drawer. Was nice to see him wink at me…that meant, meeting me in my office later.

Cum Play With My Dirty Panties

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