Bisexual Phone Sex

When I say the words “bisexual phone sex“, I’ll bet your mind immediately envisions some poor guy, hiding his attraction to other men; calling me to talk about how much he wants to feel a hard cock slamming his man pussy! NOT EXACTLY – my newest bisexual phone sex caller is a bit of a different story!

As with most men, I’ve become his guilty little pleasure. His dirty little secret that he hides from his significant other. However, unlike most men I talk to, he’s not hiding his secret rendezvous with me from his wife. He’s hiding it from his husband! That’s right, my naughty boy caller isn’t hiding his obsession with men from the world; he’s hiding his obsession for PUSSY from his gay lover! You know me – I’m a dirty little homewrecking slut – it makes me hot to help him cheat – whether it’s on his wife or his husband!

He’s terrified his husband will find out, but he can’t stop calling me and talking about fucking my pussy!

His husband thinks he is 100% gay, and not into women AT ALL. And he insists he would be furious to find out he has any interest in women! A little reverse discrimination going on here! He swears he can NEVER confess his bisexual urges, or his husband will leave him! As a bisexual woman myself, I can’t understand this. Why can’t you have it all? Why does it have to be one or the other? After all, if you play for BOTH teams, there are twice as many warm bodies to choose from! 😉

I don’t know how he keeps this secret – he LOVES women! He’s constantly watching straight porn. Emailing me about how much he loves my tits and my ass; confessing how he jerks off at night after his husband goes to bed, thinking about burying his cock inside my sweet, juicy pussy! He cums SO hard during our bisexual phone sex sessions – especially when I pull out my biggest dildo and fuck myself with it for him! He loves to imagine as he strokes that throbbing shaft, that it’s his cock inside me, making me moan and pant and scream his name! I urge him on by telling him what a fucking STUD he is, and how big and thick and manly his cock feels in my warm, wet little snatch!

One of these days he’s going to get busted by his husband and have to admit that he’s a bisexual, and loves pussy just as much as he loves dick!

But for now, it’s our dirty little secret. Every Tuesday, he locks the door, throws the anal-ease in the bedside table drawer, and plays the part of pitcher instead of catcher; with me! His dirty little phone sex accomplice.

I’ll keep his secret until he’s ready to fully allow his freak flag to fly. I’ll keep yours, too. 

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