I made Daddy proud

I have always been a daddy’s girl, and I have always done whatever he asked me to do.  When he asked his sexy little girl to be the entertainment for his private office party, how could I say no?  All I knew was I needed to make daddy proud!  I couldn’t have been more excited to be enjoyed by not only him, but his friends and co workers.  This would be a night I would never forget!

It was a Halloween party, of course, so dad had me dress up.  I had on a sexy maid costume and enough makeup to make me look of age.  Everyone knew Daddy had a daughter, just no one knew it was me.  They were all chauvinistic.  They could help talking about my big tits and sexy ass, grabbing and groping me as I walked by.  Daddy stood in the corner, loving every minute.

He gave me that wink and smile I knew all too well.

 it was time to really show them a good time.  Daddy stood in the middle of the room and told them all to get ready for the nights real entertainment.  Music began to play and I began to dance and strip out of my sexy costume.  He told them it was okay to touch me and I was their whore for the evening.  I climbed from lap to lap, cock to cock, getting stuffed and fucked like a real fucking whore.  Daddy was so happy and so were his friends.

  By the end of the night, I was showered in sticky cum.  I had cum dripping out of all my stretched out holes.  On the way home, dad whispered in my that he owned me.  I couldn’t wait to be his whore again soon!

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