Cinderella: What Happened After The Glass Slipper Fit  Her Perfect Little Foot…

Cinderella is a story that everyone knows. Well, let’s think about what happened when the Prince found out that her tiny foot fit in the Glass slipper? I am sure we all have thought about it. So, let’s do this.

Cinderella was locked away in her room and hears a knock on the door downstairs. She tries her hardest to yell for help and then the mice that she loves so much help her find the key and get out. Her stepsisters are busy trying to fit their big ugly feet into the tiny glass slipper. She races down the stairs yelling “There’s one more foot, your grace!”

The Prince looks up at the stairs into Cinderella’s blue eyes. He wants as she runs down and sits on the stool. He slips the glass slipper onto her foot and finds out that it is an absolutely perfect fit. She smiles down at him and he says “You’re the one I’ve been looking for!”

Cinderella’s stepmother and stepsisters are staring daggers at her as she and the Prince stepped into the carriage. And they ride off into the sunset off to the castle. Finally, Cinderella was completely free from her evil stepmother’s death grip. She could finally breathe.

The castle is in view and Cinderella’s eyes grow wide with wonder.

The Prince helps her down From the carriage and they step inside of the front doors. She had always dreamed about what the inside of the castle looked like. Before too long they were greeted by the Prince’s help. Two women asked her to come with them and they take the girl to bathe and dress.

She had never been so clean in her life and kept sniffing her hair because it smelled so good. And then she went down to the dining hall to meet the prince for dinner. There’s Cinderella had steak for the first time in her life. She loved the way it tasted and she couldn’t get enough.

after dinner, Cinderella was taken to put on her nightgown. She had never worn a nightgown like that before, it was so soft and so clean and white. She laid down in her bed and try to drift off to sleep. After a little while, she was woken Up by the sound of her door opening.

Who could be coming into a room so late at night? My goodness! It was the prince! He sat on the edge of her bed and told her that he had always dreamed of meeting someone just like her.

The prince then pulls up Cinderella’s blanket and starts massaging her petite little feet. No one has ever touched her that way before and she didn’t know how to feel about it but it felt so nice that she didn’t say anything. The prince then puts his lips on her big toe and kisses it gently. What was he doing?

He started to suck on her toes one by one.

She had never felt anything so gentle before. And that is when the prince sits up on his knees on the edge of her bed and pulls down his trousers. She wonders what he is doing the questions nothing. The Prince takes out his incredibly hard Royal dick and shoves it between the soles of her feet.

He then starts thrusting in between them and starts to moan. Cinderella gets into the groove and pulls up her nightgown, showing the Prince her tight little hairy pussy. He looks down and smiles and says “Not until the wedding, my dear.”

She understands him and smiles back, watching him thrust his cock in between her feet faster and faster. His face looking like he is enjoying himself and he moans. She feels his cock get harder. He thrusts faster and faster and soon enough he shoots a huge load onto her pretty little toes.

He backs away and put his trousers back on. Then he walks out the door without saying a word. Cinderella had never been more confused in her life but she knew what was coming in the future and she liked the idea.

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