Church confession will never be the same.

I was raised in a strict Catholic family. I was a good girl and church confession always cleansed my spirit. Until I hit puberty, I became a bit rebellious and was really horny a lot. There was a young priest in training at my church. I was but a schoolgirl, and he was in his early twenties. You could feel the sexual vibes in the air between us. We were practically drooling in the same room. Little did I know we were soon to have an unforgettable confession…

I’m not ashamed to say I planned it all, that Easter Sunday. The sexy young priest had begun church confession training, and it was his first time going in the darkened room without supervision. I was so excited the whole week…I’m a feisty, rebellious brat who does what she wants! I would excitedly masturbate in the shower, imagining all the things he and I would do to each other in that room.
Finally, Sunday rolled around, and I was dressed as a bombshell church slut. I was wearing a strappy thigh-length, swingy cream-colored dress with my perky teen tits pushed up. I felt so sexy in the matching red lingerie set I wore under!

I sat with my legs tightly crossed during that church service, as my pussy was damp with pulsing need in that little red thong.

I made sure to be last in line for confession. As the last person left the room and it was my turn, my heart was pounding, my delicious Easter treat was awaiting me. I go inside the door, and my emerald eyes lock on his sparkly hazel ones.

“I confess…that my body is on fire for you, and I need you to give me relief…I can feel your cock throbbing, surely you want to see the special surprise I have under this dress.”
My nervousness disappeared, and my words confidently spilled out like dark, rich wine. My sexy priest was just as horny as I, as he stood up with his cock painfully erect in his pants. He grabs me by the wrist and pulls me onto the wall. We instantly, insatiably lock lips and tongues intertwined. I wrap a long, freshly waxed leg around his waist as he’s unzipping my dress.
I reach down his pants and smirk against his lips; his cock was longer and thicker than I expected! So what happened, what all did we do? Did we do everything in the book, or just play around and tease a few minutes?

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