I recently watched a movie about sex addiction, and I never really thought my  need to masturbate qualified as a sex addiction, but maybe it does.  In this movie I watched these people struggle with their sexual sobriety and I thought to myself…well shit…

And then in the end of the movie, all of the addicts crashed and burned.  They submitted to their inner needs and fucked the shit out of themselves, prostitutes, one night stands, and so on.  As if that wasn’t a turn on????

So what does your girl favorite phone sex girl do?   I break out my big toy and my boy toy on speed dial and I cum, cum, CUM!

The movie flashed to all these scenes, back and forth, of all these characters, indulging in their inner most fantasies that they have been suppressing, fast shots, and it was so erotic to me.  Almost like an inner mind gang bang between all of them, but they were only playing in their own minds, but in mine, they were all together.

My go to fantasy is double penetration ALWAYS!  I think that is why my phone guys and I play so well together, cause so many of you want that dick too, and an open mind is a terrible thing to waste.  The thought of you spraying your load in or on me and that jizz tagging the 2nd dick makes my pussy insane.  I don’t think it has anything to do with chronic masturbation or sexual addiction.  I think it has everything to do with what gets you off and it really isn’t any different that meeting someone and having sexual chemistry and wanting to fuck, fuck, fuck like bunnies.  Chronic masturbation is like that without the other person, it is in your mind, or on the phone, or watching porn.  It is a personal chemistry and I am totally o.k. with having it.

Do I think I am a sex addict because I like to fuck and masturbate?  No, I think I have a mind that not everyone clicks with, and fantasies that are extreme and kinky – and I just release here, with you!