Christmas Taboo Wish for Santa

Well it’s the holiday season and I have one wish this year, a Christmas Taboo Wish! Thinking back to when I was 5 looking up at Santa with innocent eyes and asking him for a ken doll. Then I secretly would have them fuck at the Barbie mansion. But this year it’s someone else who making my pussy dripping wet. It’s so taboo, but I just can’t help myself or keep it to myself any longer. You see growing up my brother was always there to comfort me in my times of need. We were always very close.

Provoking this prohibited holiday fantasy, when I was 16, we had some friends over and we were playing Truth or Dare. Well, our dares were getting out of control! Knowing that my best friend was crushing hard on my brother, so I dared him to fuck her with a raw cock. They enjoyed themselves so much. He was so sensual and fucked her with such finesse. Watching them fuck, I was so turned on that I was Dared to eat her cream pie. I enjoyed every minute of it too. My brother later confessed to me that a blonde cock loving cumslut was the hottest thing he’d ever seen.

So this year, I am asking Santa for a Taboo Christmas Wish. I wish that my brother would fuck me the way he fucked my best friend that day. His raw hard cock sliding in and out of her and watching how wet she got and the way she moaned really gets me off when I masturbate. When we were 14 we lost our virginity together. Yes I lost my virginity to a woman. It wasn’t til I was 16 that I was with a man.

Christmas Cream Pie Fantasy

As taboo as it sounds I’ve had a cream pie fetish ever since. Laying in my bed in deep thought about this prohibited act of my best friend licking my pussy while my bro fucks me right in the asshole. Its always been a fantasy of mine. I’m feeling my pussy, tickling my pussy! It’s getting so moist and I’m insatiable! So much lust involved in this Taboo Christmas Wish and it’s all my bro’s fault! To get me off this waterfall of honey his touch is all I need to feel. The rain come down pouring soaking orgasmic waves of passion pouring, soaking through my panties, longing for some brotherly love. He knew exactly how to satisfy keeping that tempo right while he was with my bestie and now me in my fantasy.

I take it nice and slow I touch myself play with myself and my imagination takes over. Flirting with the verge of the obscene. I’m into myself in the most precious way. In my world, undefined in my body and mind and I won’t be left behind! Making love to myself feeling horny as fuck. My vulva stimulates my whole body as I explore myself. Imagination running wild. Self pleasure orbiting around my clitoris, slowly, increasing the pressure. Then rubbing in a figure 8 building up the pleasure as I climax.
My Taboo Christmas Wish although it’s forbidden (but that just makes it hotter!)
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