The Christmas Party

My best friend works at a local law firm.  Every year they have a stuffy office party at the country club.  Being the sexy, young, single girls gets you a little more attention from the usual crowd. I couldn’t wait to slip into my thigh highs and heels, and make those old men drool!

We walked into the party, turning heads as we always did, and making the women hate us.  My tight, short dress was hugging my ass perfectly as I walked.  I locked eyes with a guy almost immediately.  He look at me different then the other men in the room.  Looking confident in his ability to  have a piece of my juicy ass that night!

He walked over and offered to get me drink.

 His cologne smelled so fucking hot and I knew he had a good body under that suit.  All I could think about was how big was his cock?  The fullness in the front of his pants, his obvious bulge, made my clit tingle.  As the drinks flowed and the night went on, I could feel my pussy soaking my panties.  I needed to find a place to slip away with him.  I needed to taste his hard cock!

We talked and flirted with each other for a while before I gave him the green light.  He took my hand and we headed to his car.  He raced back to his house with my mouth on his throbbing eight inch dick the whole way.  As we enter the kitchen, he pulled up my dress, bent me over the counter, and began thrusting his cock inside of me.  I felt his body buck as he began to dump his huge load in my tight hole.  My clit quivered and I felt my orgasm take me over.

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