Christmas morning: Rough sissy training


Even in college where you are meant to explore, Josh would see rough sissy training pornos and never was interested. He got married young and was truly in love, the sex was always vanilla but it worked right? Josh had no kids with his wife and it was content for a while, but lately, she had started to express interest in threesomes involving 2 men. Josh was unsure but when Christmas rolled around and the usual holiday trip home got canceled, he knew he it was time to outdo himself. He decided it was time to grant her the wish and hire a BBC to come and satisfy her. I think he figured, what’s the big deal, he can always just walk away and pretend it’s not happening. But what he didn’t expect was this to turn into a rough sissy training session.

Husband turned bi in just one rough sissy training


Josh thought it would be wise to not fuck his wife for a whole week leading to Christmas. The thought of her being nice and tight for the experience excited him. He just knew this is going to be the best gift ever given to her. Josh being clueless, he went for a ride to Victoria’s Secret to get her the best set of lingerie there. He thought this would make me pleased with him. Truth is Josh is only 4 inches long and although aware he’s not the best fit to please a woman, he still does his best anyway. It’s safe to say Josh was willing to do anything to make up for his size, but a rough sissy training sesh may be going too far…


Come Christmas day


Josh woke his wife up and broke the news to her, and added this BBC was close to arriving. While she got ready he began to wonder if this was right. The guy arrived and once Josh went to excuse himself from the room, the guy said it would enhance it if Josh stayed. This BBC became so stiff so quickly, Josh had never seen his wife so excited to take cock. He laid her down and began licking her pussy, and here’s where the rough sissy training started.




Before Josh knew it, the guy told him to crawl over to them. The guy then said to lick his ass. Josh knew he had to do whatever so he just obeyed and worshipped this guy’s hole and tasted it too. He had to describe it to his wife. Now this BBC was ready to fuck hard and told Josh he was to put his face on her pussy and open his mouth so he can taste his wife’s pussy off this huge cock. Josh knew he hated this but it seemed to get the both of them off and for a second, he enjoyed being their slave. It seemed as if he craved the BBC while it was busy with his wife’s pussy. Soon he realized this wasn’t a cuck session but a rough sissy training.

And now Josh gets to wear makeup with bras and panties for him while his wife gets dick. His favorite part is sucking the huge load out of his wife while the guy cleans his cock on Josh. Something as little as a Christmas gift changed them forever and Josh now needs cock and could care less for his wife sexually. How far will Josh go to satisfy this cock craving?

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