Christmas balls bring all sorts of memories flooding the mind. But, I’m not talking about the kind found hanging from tree boughs.  The Christmas Balls I’m feening for are on MEN!  It’s a special time of year and that’s becuz I get all my decorating done early then, I get down to the real business. I only want men during the winter.  I just adore seeing you strut up that ladder to “handle things” for me! Giggle

Is it any wonder that this year’s pick is Renzo?  He just started working here and has no shame in his game as he struts around in those tight-ass pants! He was built by GOD and moreover, he KNOWS that shit! Is that a turn-off?  Nope. I just love a man with confidence and, if he has eXXXternal balls to match the one’s in his heart; well, let’s just say, he’ll be a KEEPER!

In the first place, I stole him away from my bestie, Sara, then I lied about it to her face!  She did know what to do with all that fine dick.  So, I was more than happy to show him the virtues of jumping her ship…for mine!  Equally important is that I NEED my Christmas Balls all over my body.  By the same token, his appetite matches mine so well.

Let the licking BEGIN!  I sucked his cock until he was unable to think for himself. Moreover, all the cum he’d been storing up was about to flood my mouth like a bursting dam! I DO believe the Christmas balls crop gets better every year!  I’ve just opened the applications for 2017 and YOU’RE INVITED! Just make sure those balls are firm, full and ready to be CUMpletely Drained!

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