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Choking Phone Sex with Ebony Mistress Camille

Beg me. Kneel on your white knees that have never had to feel the sting of concrete from a day’s work on and plead with your Ebony Queen. I am your Mistress and you must earn the right to serve me. There is no demand. Your wallet only buys you passage to be in my presence. Tell me how I own you, how you long to give yourself to whatever I will allow you to have. Whimper for the sting of my silicone strap on being shoved into the tight little pucker hole your mama gave you.

Lay back and show me how submissive you are to me. Cry like a little bitch when I measure up towards your ass hole. I will lean forward digging my hips deep inside of your ass hole. Leaning forward with my sharp nails I pinch on hard to your nipples laughing as you yelp out and thank me for giving you my touch. Every time you near the point of climax I slap at your dick and kill the cum you are not allowed to have yet. Only once you are nothing more than putty in my hands I will reach forward and grasp around your neck and squeeze tight. Close the blacking out you will find your nut. And you will return again, and again.

Ebony Mistress

Camille 1-888-340-8794