A Choking Fetish Is Better Enjoyed With Family

A choking fetish can be really sexy when having sex. Especially when passion turns into roughness and one needs to either gasp for air, or be the one causing it. I never knew my brother had a choking fetish until one morning I learned exactly just how much he enjoyed it.

For the previous days leading to this I had been taking a sleeping aid. I had enjoyed of a summer of sleeping late and I needed to get back in schedule for when school started. With that said I could not be waken up by nothing. I remember that it was a hot night and I slept naked. Once my head hit the pillow I was gone. I was completely asleep until I felt someone choking me.

As I opened my eyes in terror and pleasure there was my brother staring straight back at me. I said pleasure because I think before he placed his hands around my throat he devoured my pussy. I was so wet when I woke up I felt my juices dripping down my ass as I gasped for air. Once he let go of me, he grabbed his dick and shoved it in me. Even though I was still freaked out, I want it him. I want it him to fuck me hard while our parents slept in the room next to mine. It turned me on so much and I came almost immediately on his dick.

After creaming on his cock he choked me again. He started telling me what a tease I was, and how he heard everyone in school talking about how big of a whore I was. He started squeezing harder, and harder. Once he came inside me he let go of me.

Even when I don’t need to take the sleeping aids sometimes I do and I make sure my brother notices. It’s always so hot waking up to his choking fetish.


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