I loved when he choked me. It made me masturbate harder…

He was calling from his office in the afternoon. I always love when men take a break at work to call me up and give me the fuck that I love so much. I could tell right away he was going to be amazing. I set up our call, got undressed and climbed into bed. The cold sheets felt good against my bare skin and I always love to lay down and relax with my phone sex callers. Our call started sensuous and romantic, but somewhere toward the end it took a little twist.

Fucking me on the desk in David’s office…he loved watching my face as his cock pounded over and over. My tits bounced furiously as he drove his dick deeper and deeper. His hand sharply smacked my clit while he fucked me. Slowly he slid his hand up my stomach, over my tits, caressing each one before pushing his hand against my throat. He saw the confusion in my eyes and slowed his thrust leaning forward to give me a kiss. He whispered…

You’re going to love it…..just let go Charlie


I trusted him. I did. I’m usually a pretty dominant girl and I love being in control. Giving it up to him though didn’t seem so hard. As both of his hands gripped my throat, I found myself actually fucking myself harder, getting more excited. I loved it when he told me he was squeezing harder. I could imagine my face turning red, my eyes fluttering,  my body squirming at the thought of not being able to breathe, but that only made him fuck me harder. He loved me squirming and squeezing his throbbing cock. Just as I started to pass out, he let go and kissed me until all of my oxygen was back. He looked me in the face and slowly fucked me. I loved it. I loved his kisses, his touch and I didn’t even care that he just choked me. In fact. I loved it. I wanted more!

David could tell I needed more, and his cock couldn’t take it too much longer. He loved the squeeze of my cunt, and the release when I was just about to pass out. His pace began to quicken, and he growled in my ear. Over and over he told me it’s his pussy and he started to squeeze my throat again, fucking me until he made me orgasm on his cock. He squeezed so tight my eyes started rolling back and this made his balls tighten…just as I passed out, he came all over inside of me, pushing it in over and over again until I woke up.

I’ve been choked a few times in life, I can’t say I loved it, but it was a bit of a turn on. Nothing like what my sexy caller gave to me on this day. I look forward to exploring this choking fetish, and fetishes or fantasies he has. I’m smitten. hehe.

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