He’s Choking Me And I’m Begging For More

I paused in the action of washing the dishes as I heard the front door slowly begin to creak open. I let a grin slide across my cheeks as I tilted my head over my shoulder to face him. As he approached me, I placed my arms delicately on his shoulders. I had been waiting for this moment all day, and I was practically shuddering in anticipation for him. So I didn’t waste any time now. I let my teeth teasingly bite into his lips before I pulled apart his shirt forcefully, kissing a trail from his neck to his lower abdomen. I knew sooner or later he would be choking me.

I tugged his belt and let his trousers slide away from his hips. I was still wearing my bright yellow dish washing gloves. I began to slide his erect member through their patterned palms. I giggled slightly at their silliness, but he didn’t seem to mind. He tilted his head backwards and began to moan as I tickled his cock with my tongue.

Eventually, he tugged my shoulder to pull me upwards.

That was when the fun really began – he treated me roughly as if I was his slut. It was just the way that I like it. His muscular arms lifted me onto the kitchen top as his fingers began to trace teasingly around the skin of my neck, sending a tingling sensation through my nerves. He knew that I had a fetish for being choked, and he used it to his advantage. He turned me on greatly as he tightened his grip around my throat. I gasped for breath as he allowed me to breathe again, and glanced down. He forced himself into the dripping crevice of my pussy.

With his dick now ravaging my insides, I slid back on the black marble surface of the worktop until my back met the cold touch of the tiled wall. Pinning me against the wall by my throat, he used the momentum of his hips to pleasure me. I traced the rubber palm of my gloves over his bulky shoulders, as he continued choking me.

Feeling thoroughly teased by his firm grip around my neck as it regulated the flow of my breathing, my knees began to tremble uncontrollably as he pounded the roof of my slit. I whimpered in pleasure as much as the tightly squeezed passage in my airways would allow, but he wasn’t done with me yet. He slid his cock out of me, leaving me thirsty for more before he gripped a handful of my hair, forcing me off the kitchen top.

he bent me over the dining table, ramming his powerful erection into me from behind as I reached the point of orgasm.

I was all the more aroused by the fact that his cum had began to hose my insides after erupting from his gigantic member, and shortly after his penis had begun to erupt. I finally allowed myself to succumb to the steely grip of my orgasm. I moaned frantically as I collapsed onto the table. I was letting his jizz ooze out of my cunt as the burning sensation blazed through every fiber of me.

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