Chokeslam My Heart And I’ll Chokeslam Your Bitch Ass.

Chokeslam my heart? Well, I’ll come and chokeslam you. Are you a “man” that LOVES to just mess with a girl’s heart and then fucking ghost her? Do you also know that you’re a little bitch for it?

Now, am I comparing myself to people who are twice my height and weight? Absolutely not BUT, I do work out and I can get very angry if I need to. And this dude dares to mess with me and my feelings. So, I showed him a little thing or two.

Before all of this virus stuff really got to be crazy serious I went to a wrestling show to see my wrestler friend. But, I had found out beforehand that he had been talking to someone else and used me to phone fuck AND then he fucking GHOSTED ME. Haha me… of all people, honestly.

We have been talking since August and got on pretty well. We had fun times of course and had lots of sex. But, apparently, I wasn’t what he wanted to settle down with. Which, doesn’t make any sense since I had baked him MANY cookies and sweet rolls.

Anyway, I made sure to wear some platform boots that day and a cute dress with no panties. So as to make him think that maybe he was gonna get lucky. I show up to the show looking amazing and sit down at the front of the rows of seats like I always do. And what do you know… his match was first.

He went around giving high fives and fistbumps and came by me and I uncrossed my legs and recrossed them so he could see me not wearing panties. He licked his lips and watched me as he walked backwards to the ring. Little did he know that I had permission to come into the ring and do what I pleased to him after his match. Oh yes.

I sit there watching his match and shaking with how angry I am.

And I watched as he lost his match completely and sprained an ankle. Which, I smirked at. Also, I know you aren’t supposed to kick a man when he’s down already but he deserves this. He rolled around on the ring like he does when he’s doing his selling it bit. And was waiting for his partner to come up and help him but they were holding him backstage.

I walked up to the ring and used the stairs to climb on in. He stopped for a second and looked at me confused and I get on my knees and ask “Are you alright?” He says “Yeah, where’s my partner though?” I smiled and said “Get up. I know you have a sprained ankle but it doesn’t hurt that bad. Get UP.”

He stands up in front of me and I caress his cheek and smile at him. And he starts to move closer as if to hug me or kiss me… the crowd goes quiet and I say “Oh, honey. Do you think you can just use me for dirty talk and dirty pictures? And you also think you can just stop talking to me only to talk to another girl after you just had a dirty call with me? That isn’t how this works, bitch.”

He stumbles back a little and shakes his head.

I pull him by his shirt collar and say “Oh! I bet all these people here think this is fake! And they have no idea how fake YOU are!” He looks at me a bit scared now because I am now his height with these platform boots on.

The crowd whispers and someone shouts “You tell him, girl! HOW DARE HE USE YOU!” I smile and walk up closer to him and grab his neck. His eyes get huge like two full moons and I quickly use my arm strength and lift him in the air, grab his pants, and SLAM him back down onto his back.

The crowd gasps and the girls cheer me on. I walk over to him and show him my pussy under my dress. And I say “That’s the last fucking time you will ever see my sweet pussy. Bye, you bitch.”

That night so many of the wrestlers wanted to talk to me so I took one of them home to fuck. He was alright of course… I just cum better when I really like the person. Oh well! There will be more fucks in the future.

Fetish phone sex? You got it. Just call me.