He always wrapped his hands just right to choke me properly. He’d wine and dine me before taking me home and cutting my airway off!

The restaurant was gorgeous! He’d bought me the most elegant dress that reached all the way to the floor. It was a dark red color with the tiniest amount of shimmer. The wine was delicious and the food was even better but I mentally wasn’t there. All I could think about was him wrapping his hands around my neck and giving me a proper choke!

After the meal was finally over he took me over to his hotel room. The elevator ride felt like it took an eternity! I was silently begging the doors to open faster so that I could experience that feeling again! Before the doors opened he slammed me against the wall and began to choke me softly. He whispered into my ear how much more amazing it was going to get once he had me naked in his room.

Once inside the hotel room I knew the process; get naked and wait for further instructions. I noticed the 5 silk ties he had lying out across the table. I got a bit nervous at that point. He’d never tried to choke me with anything but his hands! He told me to lay down on my back, with my hands above my head. I did as I was told. He tied my hands together and then tied them to the headboard.

I again waited for further instructions. He told me not to close my legs no matter how intense this got. That’s when he slipped the silk tie around my neck and began to pull. I could feel it getting tighter around my neck but nothing I couldn’t handle. He left it at that amount of tightness and then walked away again. I was gasping for some air but not desperately yet.

He placed a vibrator on my clit. I bucked up against him but he told me no. I wasn’t allowed to move. He tightened the tie again, now making me really work for a lung full of air. His vibrator picked up in speed as he started to push me further towards an orgasm. Once he knew I was getting close he stopped…but not for long.

He removed the tie from my neck and replaced it with his big strong hands. He pressed his cock right at my pussy entrance but wouldn’t go all the way in. That’s when he really began to choke me. Tighter and tighter his grip became until I couldn’t get the smallest amount of air into my lungs. He plunged all the way inside of me, fucking me hard and fast until we both came. I saw stars as I hit my climax. I was also on the brink of passing out so it was all that much more intense!

He only let up a little around my neck. He let me get some air, and then began his amazing torture again!

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