I had a huge crush once upon a time on this hot blonde I worked with. She always looked better than anyone in her cute in her office attire and had an ass that any girl would want, plus any guy would want to fuck! Sam was the kind of girl who always had men flocking around her. She never seemed to pay much attention to them when they would ask her out. She was however a huge dick tease.

One night when she and I were the only ones left working, she asked if I wanted to head to the club after work. I was tired but needed to let loose. So I agree and said I needed some dick. I was going through a dry spell from all the hours I was working. Sam smiled in a weird way, and I didn’t think too much about it.

We met up at the Obsession Lounge. She was wearing sexy skinny jeans and a white tank top with no bra. Her huge tits were visible to anyone who took a look. I myself couldn’t help but stare. I have naturally large breasts that are pretty nice, but her fake tits just stood on point.

We hit the dance floor and danced sexily for the men. Only whenever a guy came near me, she became possessive.  I finally pulled her to the side and asked if everything was okay. She took my hand and pulled me into the lady’s room. Both of her hands were on either side of me against the wall. Her deep aquamarine eyes burned into mine. She licked her lower lip and started confessing. Then she told me she has had this sexual hang-up on me. She wanted to see if I had any attraction to her. I said I wasn’t blind to a beautiful face and body, but I wasn’t a lesbian. I enjoyed fucking dick too much.

She took my hand and pressed it to the front of her tight skinny jeans. I could feel a rock-hard outline of a large-sized cock. My eyes widened and looked down to see what it was. I couldn’t help it, I undid her jeans in a fury. When I peeled them down I found a gorgeous dick. Or should I say a generous dick! I looked back into her eyes and was about to start with my barrage of questions. Only I didn’t get the chance. His mouth was on mine and her hands tore away my tube dress. She rolled it down my body and kissed a trail of fire.

Her sensual lips latched onto my pussy, and she licked and fucked my clit with her skilled tongue. My hand was in her hair pushing her harder into my clit. I came fast in her mouth. She stood back up, and in a quick move, I was in her arms and my legs around her waist. Her cock probed my pussy until it reached home. There was something so beyond anything about her. To be a beautiful woman, but have that manly dick…my favorite part was feeling her cock twitch her juice into my pussy. I have a hidden fetish for chicks with dicks now.

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