Craving Some Cheerleading High School Sex Stories?

As all of you know I was the head cheerleader back when I was in high school. But do you know how I made captain so fast and without even auditioning? Well, let me take you back to one of the best high school sex stories you’ll ever read. Cheerleading has always been my passion. Being thrown up in the air gives me a special tingle. It gives me the thrill I seek and also it keeps me in shape. Because if there is one thing that cheerleading does it to keep my tight young body looking amazing.

It was the first day of class and try-outs were that afternoon. I was popular, blonde and the only thing that I needed was to head cheerleader. I head over to the coach’s classroom, as he was also the math teacher to plead my case. So I went in there knowing I would do anything to make head cheerleader. I closed the door behind me as I walked in. Then I told him, straight up that I would do anything for the spot and that’s when he looked at me and told me to get on my knees.

I got under his desk and my cheerleading coach pulled out his cock.

Interesting, I never knew he had a huge dick. I wrapped my pretty lips around it and started sucking it. It was actually quite awkward. He was obviously enjoying as I could taste his salty precum on my tongue but he just kept doing this thing, grading papers, as if he had done this before. Once he was ready to burst, I swallowed his load. And just like that, he ordered me to go to try-outs and introduced myself to the team as the captain of the cheerleading squad!

Your Naughty Cheerleader,

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