Daddy loves his lil cheerleader

I knew becoming a cheerleader could get me into some trouble but I had no idea I would turn into such a little slut! I think it is all the stretching and bending that did it or maybe it was seeing how men reacted to me in my uniform! Either way, I soon learned the power of my tiny outfit and little pussy!

I remember the first day I got my uniform. I received so much attention at school from the boys! Their necks were practically breaking watching me prance around. I definitely was a bit worried at times though because when I would bend over you could see my little ass cheeks perfectly in my booty shorts. I saw some bulges growing in my presence! Even my principal seemed please with my new look. Ah, perks of being a cheerleader!

I had wondered what daddy would think when he saw my new uniform. He was reading the paper as I came through the back door. I said hi and started looking for something to eat. I noticed him fidgeting in his seat and I could feel his eyes on me.

“Is that a cheerleading uniform I am seeing, Blake?”

He then stood up and told me to give him a spin. I did as daddy told me and he explained that he liked it but he felt it might be a little short for school. He started pulling at the skirt and lifting it up with his middle finger.

“I can see your private parts little girl.”

Daddy grabbed my ass and gave it a good spank. He directed me to meet him in his office. When I entered he told me to sit up on his desk. He then took out his digital camera and explained he was going to get some photos of me in my cheerleader uniform. He photographed me looking all cute and innocent. Then he spread my legs and started taking some up-skirt shots of me. He instructed me to bend over and touch my toes. I could hear the camera taking shot after shot and daddy was grunting with excitement, telling me what a good little girl I am.

He then sat in his chair and started rubbing his cock through his jeans. I wanted to give daddy a good show so I spread my legs wide on his desk to reveal my wet pink pussy. I started rubbing it for him and he stroked his huge 10 inch cock for me! I had never seen daddy’s cock before in person! It only took him about a minute and he exploded all over himself! Aww daddy, I love pleasing you!

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