Is she cheating? Can you blame her??

Cheating is supposedly a relationship-ender, the “worst” thing a woman can do to a man. Infidelity is such an unforgivable transgression that it still gets any prenups nulled and voided in some states. Rather than wallow in your (bottomless) self-pity forever — between making occasional solemn vows you’re going to “finally confront her” — how about trying out a little attitude adjustment?

It’s time for a reality check. Just cum-plete this little questionnaire, and we’ll find the best “coping” solution for you and your big black cuckold problem!

☐ Your penis is small (and white, i.e. worthless/gross/etc)

☐ Your penis isn’t small per say, but it’s not really “impressive” either

☐ The following word applies to you and your sexual performance: “bad” (try to be honest with yourself here, k?)

☐ You can’t remember the last time you two had “normal” sex

☐ You’re not sure what “normal” sex is and/or don’t think it includes vaginal penetration and/or a real dick

☐ You’ve been desperately googling “how to suck your own dick” because you no longer have even a GLIMMER of hope about getting a blowjob ever again

☐ Do you frequently ask pointless rhetorical questions like “is it true women prefer big, thick cocks?” (in your head counts, too)

☐ Have you stopped asking when she’ll be home and/or if she has to “work late” again?

☐ Does she “glow” lately? Spend a lot of time primping, making herself look extra sexy — but never for you?

If you’ve checked any of the boxes on the survey above, the answer is clear: she’s cheating on you.

And if she’s cheating on you, why wouldn’t she pick the biggest, black cock to fuck her?

Just be grateful she keeps you and your little dick around. And hey, maybe next time she’ll let you clean up her dirty pussy!

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