I love my boyfriend and he’s good in bed, but I am kind of a wild child and he took me to this office Christmas party of his a couple of weeks ago and I must say, I really hit it off with his boss. We were instantly attracted to one another and it was just a very good evening. I didn’t know what to think when at the end of the evening my boyfriend’s boss pressed his business card into my hand and told me to text or email him. He had such a twinkle in his eye and I just knew if we fucked it would be so hot. I was right.

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I couldn’t help myself. I’d never been a cheat before, but something about this man, I just couldn’t resist and I was helpless to say no to him. I emailed him and he picked me up and we went for a late night drive as my poor boyfriend slept away not having a clue I was tooling around town with his boss. I’d always thought cheating was more of a man’s game, but I wanted this man and I didn’t need to be asked twice to meet him. This went on for several weeks, cheating on my boyfriend, meeting with his boss at his condo and in cars during the lunch hour, giving his boss blow jobs and fucking him nearly daily and he had no clue and I almost burst out laughing one night over dinner when he said he thought his boss must be getting laid, since he’d been in such a better mood of late!

Ya, he’s getting laid alright, by me, you poor fool. Cheating comes so easy once you’re doing it, it becomes natural, you just tell little white lies here and there to explain absences, it’s not hard really. I was having the best sex of my life with his boss and then fucking him some nights as well. I was having one busy pussy, that’s for sure! Some think it’s wrong to cheat, but I say you only live once, so you might as well have a good time and enjoy yourself and not worry what others think and try and be discreet and just carry on with life.

A few times, we even fucked in my boyfriend’s bed when he was out with friend’s for a few hours and I knew the coast would be clear. I changed the sheets and all after we finished fucking, my boyfriend wasn’t rolling around in his boss’s cum or anything, Oh I’m such a bad girl! I guess this cheating business just comes so easily to me, but it may catch up with me, we shall see! In the meantime, I’m having a grand old time fucking his boss and getting as many orgasms as I possibly can from them both. Last week I came in and had just fucked his boss and I was going to get in the shower before my boyfriend came in and he’d come in before I had and was very randy and he fucked me and ate me out with his boss’s cum in me and he didn’t say anything, but he had this odd expression when he was going down on me. He had no clue he was licking his boss’s cum out of my cheating pussy. I am a nasty slut for sure!

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