This is My Cheating Wife Tale, And I’m Not Ashamed to be the Town Whore

I admit it – I’m a cheating wife. But that phrase just doesn’t do me justice. Since this is my cheating wife tale, I will begin by stating proudly that I’m the town whore and the sluttiest mom you will ever find. So, when a pristine opportunity just falls in my lap… well, let’s just say I will not only jump at it, but mount it, ride it, and milk it dry!

Let me back up a bit and fill in a few little background details. You see, it was Friday night and my son was invited to a sleepover. Not only that, but at the last minute, a buddy of my husband called, and invited him to a weekend fishing trip up by the lake. As the realization of these circumstances sunk in, a wicked little smile started to grow over my face. It was a perfect storm of sorts. I could virtually feel a thick, throbbing cock penetrating my sobbing pussy as he finalized his plans.

At the same time, plans of my own were forming and swirling within my depraved mind. This horny cheating wife was gonna paint the town filthy red. I was going to hit the seedy part of town and find the biggest, badest, alpha male I could find. And then have him screw my brains out all night long.

I did my motherly and wifely duties, dropping my son off at his friend’s house, and I kissed my loving-but-boring husband on his way. It didn’t occur to me to tell my son that his Dad was going to be away for the weekend –  I just assumed my hubby told him already. Besides, my mind was on more delicious things to come (mainly me, hehe).

Yeah, I was already focused on other things in my cheating wife tale

And why wouldn’t I be? Just the thought of getting fucked so brutally had me dripping wet. Hopefully, I’d be used so utterly that I’d be so raw I won’t be able to sit for a week. Hey, A girl can hope, can’t she? Damn, I really was sopping wet just thinking about it.

I put on my slutty makeup that included my Harlot Red lipstick, my near-nothing dress, and my fuck me heels. Oh yeah, Mama’s going fishing as well. And boy, will I catch a big one!

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to me, my teen son was being so rude and obnoxious at his friend’s house, that he got himself uninvited by the prude-of-the-house and a ride home to an empty house.

Apparently, my son puttered around a bit. Gave a passing thought as to where his parents were. Then he made himself something to eat and watched some TV. By 10 o’clock he gave a shrug, figuring we’d get home when we got home, and made his way up to his room.

He must have left his bedroom door open, because he heard the door open and a mix of my voice, along with the baritone voice of another. Someone who DEFINITELY wasn’t his Dad.

Seems my boy was going to play a part in my cheating wide tale, whether he wanted to or not

Back to me and my cock for the night (and hopefully for the weekend). We barely got in the doorway when my manly stud had his tongue down my throat. His hand fisted in my hair, yanking my head back to give him easier access to what he was claiming as his own. The sharp pain shot straight to my aching pussy, making it gush with fresh juices.

This was what I needed; what I thrived on. Is there any question as to why I was a cheating wife? There was no way I was gonna get what I needed from my very boring, very vanilla husband. I was like an addict, jonesing for my next fix. And that drug of choice came in the form of this primal, alpha male. That’s when he pushed me back into the living room, ordering me to strip. To show him what was his.

Apparently, I wasn’t moving fast enough for his taste. I felt his hands grip my dress, and the sound of ripping material filled the air, along with my gasps. Then I watched his lust-filled eyes take me in, devouring me. My body shuttered in response to his perusing, and then to the huge bulge in his jeans. Oh yeah, that’s what this cheating wife wanted…

Don’t worry. This is just the beginning of my cheating wife tale. And my tale is about to become a very wickedly twisted tale, hehe.

…to be continued…


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