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I was hanging out with a good friend of mine. We usually tell one another everything however, she has kept a big secret from me and most importantly from her husband. He and I have always connected. We make jokes and flirt with one another innocently whenever the three of us hang out. Well, one night my friend decided to leave the room to go to the bathroom and he tells me that she has been having an affair on him. She has been having lots of cheating wife sex with someone from her past. I am hesitant to believe things, so I let a few days pass before I confront her. Well, one day I decide to go to the grocery store and as I am getting out of my car I notice it is my friend’s husband’s car and he is there sitting right inside. I wave.

As he waves back, he points in front of us some ways ahead, it is his wife- my friend locking lips with another man.

I walk over to the passenger side of his car and plop myself in. I watch with him as we glare at them pressing one another up against their cars, feeling one another up and making out. Clearly there is a bunch of sexual chemistry between them. I grab my friend’s hand getting ready to comfort him. I lock eyes with him expecting him to have tears falling down his face because of his cheating wife circumstance but I am shocked to find his bulging eyes dry. The longer we stare at one another, now not even paying attention to his horny not loyal wife the hotter we get. He can sense my hungry energy for his skin. I can feel his. He is far away from me but I can feel his heavy warm breath up against my face and neck. Within seconds the table turns.

He squeezes my hand and pulls me in while the other hand of his traps me against him.

Our lips heavy and press up against one another. I let go, let my hands wander up his shirt, down his pants. His cock has grown full of sperm and is throbbing up against his jeans. My pussy is wet and his fingers quickly find it after rubbing down my tits and tummy. His hand is in the depth of my jeans, pulling my panties to the side and trying to fit his thick fingers into me. He plunges them inside of me as I grab ahold of his shaft and glide my hand up and down. This bitch is having cheating wife sex, and now I am going to take advantage of this cock that is rightfully not hers anymore. I am going to make it all mine. We take one more look at them, they are taking off somewhere, and so are we. I need full access.

We pull into a more spacious lot so that we both can have full reign with one another.

As soon as he puts the car in park, I take off all of my clothes and he does the same. I lean down and take that cock into my hands and begin to fuck on it. He tastes too fucking good for a cheating wife sex whore. She does not deserve this cock. I pump him deeper into my throat, licking every inch of him. He quickly grabs my body and places me across him, making me straddle his lap. His cock pushes up against my pussy hole and I slide down him. He stretches me right open. I grind back and forth. We are both going to cum together. Faster, I grind my pussy up and down. Harder, his hands grab around my waist forcing me to take every inch of him. I start to squirt as he throws up out of his dick slit.

It is crazy that this cheating wife sex whore has made me and her hubby new fuck buddies! Maybe this will turn into a three way fucking in the future, or maybe I just might steal him away from her in every way!


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