Cheating wife sex stories have the tendency to make me so wet. What about you?  I mean, don’t just you love the idea of your hot wife being the naughty sex kitten? Have you ever thought of her taking cock behind your back and sometimes right in your face?  Does that turn you on? If just the thought of that causes your cock to twitch, then this naughty sex blog is for you. 

It all started with this year’s Halloween office party!

So my husband is a senior executive at a firm that he has been at for the past 6 years.   I am so proud of how far he has come over the past few years. He has definitely been working his way to the top.   Early this year there was a shakeup at the firm and my husband’s new boss has been looking to make one of the senior executives a partner.  Since my husband and I have a big Halloween office party every year, he wanted to use this as an opportunity to impress and persuade the new boss.   This Halloween office party had to be epic! I’m a stay at home wife, so it’s my job to make sure everything runs smooth and I do everything I can to help my man succeed.  

I began planning right away and spared no expense.   Booking the banquet hall and 2 floors of rooms at one of the swankiest hotels in the area for an epic Halloween party that my husband’s and the new boss would never forget.  After sending out the invites, guaranteeing the catering, booking the DJ and making the deposit for the open bar, I was all set. 

Time to get dressed for the party! 

Being that my husband was looking to make partner, I picked out a very modest princess costume.   I turned to my husband who was dressed like a 70’s pimp and asked how I looked. He smiled and said something like “a sweet little princess”. Then he said, “But that is not what I want you to wear tonight.”  He said, “Baby thinking about it, this could be a game-changer!” He was right, I needed something, sexier, a little dirtier, something to catch the new boss’s eye. I told him I will be at the party shortly and he would love the next choice. So I decided on a naughty little maids outfit, thigh highs and matching thong. 

All eyes were on me as I walked into the party.   I could hear jaws dropping from my husband, the new boss and down to every other pion at the party.   All the men at the party were drooling, while the women were jealous and I was loving every minute of it.  I mingled around a bit at the party before heading towards my husband who was standing next to his boss.  They both had their eyes on me and that had my body on fire.  

Cheating wife sex thoughts

After being formally introduced to the boss, I grabbed him by the arm and suggested we go out on the dance floor.  So we did.  You know, a woman can tell a lot about how well a man could fuck her by the way he dances.  By the moves of the boss and how hard his cock was, I just knew if he had the chance he would fuck the hell out of this pussy.   Right there on the dance floor, I began to have naughty cheating wife sex thoughts.  I knew exactly how I was going to help my husband get this promotion.  After several dances, flirting,  and a lot of hot grinding, I suggested that we head up to one of the pre-rented rooms,  to have a little discussion about my husbands’ new position as partner at the firm.

He followed my lead and we headed upstairs.   Once in the room, he walked over to the minibar to make us a drink. However, before he could even turn around I was standing behind him.   My tits pressed again his back, while my hands stroked his cock through his pants.  His cock was so hard, you could break glass with it.   I turned him around facing me and dropped down to my knees to meet his cock face to face.  Now, I bet you want to hear all the naughty details?  Well, I can not wait to share every cum dripping detail, of how cheating wife sex got my husband a promotion and me a new lover.

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