My husband knew I was sexy when he met me. That’s what drew him in. He must have known that I would still be sexy when he married me. He could never control me or make me do anything he wanted. I think my rebelliousness also turned him on. He must have know that if you leave your beautiful, sexy, bucksome, horny wife alone while you’re travelling for business that your wife is going to cheat on you. What’s a horny wife to do when left all alone?

My hubby gave me a big juicy kiss at the front door as the taxi approached to take him to the airport. “I love you, Genie. Be a good girl. I’ll be back in a few days. MUAH.” He’s a good kisser and I liked that. “I love you too, honey. I’ll be a good girl.” I waved as he ran to the cab. Though the loving kiss lingered on my lips I couldn’t get it out of my head that the night before he was too tired to fuck me good before he left. Though I promised to “be a good girl”, I didn’t say what kind of good girl I would be.

I was good and horny. Being horny always makes me hungry so I got dressed and drove to the grocery store. I like to dress sexy because I love attention.  And since my hubby didn’t give me what I wanted before he left town l was hungry for some hot cock. There’s something about a woman in heat. Men can smell it.

When I leaned over to inspect the fruit in the produce section I knew my mini skirt was hiking up my ass. Some lady came up to me and clearing her throat told me, “Excuse me miss but you should lower your hem on your skirt. You are exposing yourself.” I turned to her with a devilish grin and said, “I know. I like exposing myself.” She nervously ran off in a huff.

One of the workers in the produce section laughed and said, “Oh…she’s just jealous because you’re so hot.” I looked him up and down. He was young, blonde, and built. I batted my eyes and said, ” Jealous bitches have always been haters. So did you see me exposing myself “. He blushed and said, “Yes maam. You have a beautiful ass. ” I stepped a little closer to him and whispered in his ear, “Oh yea….you should see my tits.”  With his cock bulging in his pants he said, “I get off in 15 minutes.” I said “Good, when I get you home…I will get you off for real.

Oh the life of a CHEATING WIFE.