Cheating Wife am I?

Cheating? You say cheating? Well, you don’t know the half of it boys! It’s all well and good when I devour as much cock and manly cum as I want. It’s completely another when I get freaky with another woman and have hot lesbian sex! THAT’S what makes me a cheating wife.

So, Kylie and I decided it was time that we spent some real quality time together. It didn’t take very long for her to fly her sexy ass over! Originally we had planned a fairly simple day together. We hit the spa for some bonding time, went to dinner. Between you and me, I think we both had a little too much to drink because our conversations turned to sex and what got us all hot and bothered. Even the simple act of confessing to Kylie all my dirty little secrets got her juices flowing.

By the time we got out of the cab, we were holding each other up.

It just so happened that we were grabbing each others’ tits at the same time. When we got inside we just collapsed on the couch, Kylie right on top of me. Her beautiful tits were right in my face. I don’t know what came over me because I grabbed her low-cut shirt and bra, pulled those perfect tits out, and started sucking on her nipple and used a hand to fondle her other perky, hard nipple. She groaned in surprise and pleasure. She reached down with one hand and pulled one of my tits free from my bra. As she massaged my titty she pinched my nipple. I groaned into her breast.

Then her hand moved down my flat stomach and into my booty shorts and her finger worked on my clit, rubbing it. She pulled back my hood and I cried out excitedly. Her fingers were like magic! My breathing grew more rapid and deeper as I moaned loudly under her teasing. I arched my back beneath her as I came and I squirted ALL over her hand because it felt so good.

My wife was supposed to be home late because she was taking her normal red-eye flight. But just then she walked through the door. At first, she had a smile on her face, happy to be home. And…she saw us on the couch with my cum all over Brooke’s hand. Her look turned real sour real quick. Hannah stormed toward us, grabbed me by my hair, and slapped me in the face. She pulled Brooke off me and stuck my face between her legs. She was wearing a skirt with no panties.

Obediently I licked her pussy.

Despite the pissed off look on Hanna’s face, her pussy was wet so I licked her pussy vigorously.

Kylie smiled and licked my pussy because she wanted all of my cum out of my swollen lips. She drove her tongue deep inside me. The room was filled with loud moaning and groaning. Hanna came in my mouth and all over my pretty face. Hannah grabbed Kylie by her hair, started sucking on her tits, and motioned for me to lick her pussy. I could taste both of these sexy ladies on my mouth. Kylie’s mouth was open in a very wide expression of pleasure and her moans turned to screams and again I eat a mouthful of hot, sweet cum.

We ended our cum-filled fun with passionate kisses, exchanging saliva and the taste of cum. That night left us completely exhausted and all three of us went to bed and passed out together.

Only to do it all over again the next day…..

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