Cheating Wife – When Your Husband is the Third Wheel

So there I was, like any cheating wife, out on a date with my boyfriend.  What made this date so special was the fact that my pathetic husband was sitting in the back seat playing third wheel on our date.   I guess it was good thing I didn’t want to hide my boyfriend from my husband, and some men like my husband might even consider themselves lucky.  I, on the other hand, just wanted to be that cheating wife who gets to watch her worm of a husband squirm.  Besides, its nice that he is there to whip out his credit card when needed.

We pull up to the restaurant.  My boyfriend and I are starving so we take hubby’s card and head inside to eat.  The dinner was delicious and expensive, just the way I like it.  The drink were flowing and we racked up quite the tab.  Now that the both of us were feeling very good and couldn’t wait to get home to fuck, we headed back out to the car.  I told my husband to get in the driver seat and make sure we all got home safe.  Hey, even a cheat wife wants to get home in one piece.  Plus, I wanted to have some fun on the way home.  There is nothing quite like the thrill of making your husband listen and try and watch you suck another man’s cock.

Maybe he is a bit of a cuckold too…

Finally home and we all rush inside.  My husband opens the door for us and we hurry to the bedroom.  Of course, we slam the bedroom door in hubby’s face and make him listen from outside the door.  Imagining him jerking off listening made me so wet and my boyfriend so fucking hard!  When we were all done, my boyfriend went home, and my husband came to bed in our wet sheets.

All in all it was a good fucking night!  Doesn’t every man love his cheating wife?

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