I’m the Cheating Wife that Fucked the Neighbor Boy

Cheating Wife seems so harsh. LOL – I’ll admit it, I married my husband for security, not because I’m in love with him. Now after ten years of marriage, I’m tired of having an old man with a tiny cock humping me like an old dog in heat. I need a young stud with a big, swinging dick to satisfy me.

Yesterday while I was checking my mail I noticed that our neighbor’s son Jake was home from college. Jake used to mow our lawn when he was younger, and this isn’t the first time I had noticed that he has grown into a tall, handsome young man. As I walked back up the driveway, I could see Jake watching me from his parent’s porch. I knew that he had a crush on me when he was younger and this is the perfect opportunity to get some young dick in my life. I waved at Jake to come over. Jake came running across the driveway to meet me. “How’s it going, Miss. K?” he asked. I could tell be the blush in his cheeks that his crush on me has never really gone away. “It’s good Jake,” I replied. “I just need help moving some things around in the backyard, do you have a few minutes to help me out?” I asked. Like an eager beaver, Jake agreed to help and followed me into the house. I took him to the back yard explaining what needed to be moved. While he worked, I stood to the side admiring his flat, washboard stomach and bulging biceps. It had been far too long since I’d been around a guy this young and hot.

When Jake was done working, I offered him a beer as a reward. He happily accepted the offer, and I could feel his eyes on my ass as I walked away to get our drinks. We sat in the backyard sipping beer and catching up. Jake was blushing and nervous as he told me about college life. “Why are you so jumpy?”, I asked. “It’s nothing, Miss. K.” Jake stammered. “It’s just, well I had a bit of a crush on you when I was a kid, so sitting here and having a beer with you is kinda surreal” He explained. I tossed my hair back and laughed. “Nothing to be nervous about Jake, we’re just two old friends catching up over drinks,” I replied. As we talked, I could see the bulge in Jake’s pants begin to grow as he squirmed in his chair trying cover his boner. I turned my chair in Jake’s direction and spread my legs. Giving him a full view of the black panties underneath my skirt. Jake’s eyes got wide, and his face turned red as his cock strained against his jeans. “Jake, I want you to show me everything you’ve been learning in school.” I began pulling my panties to the side as I spoke. I could see Jake’s mouth start to water as he dropped to his knees and slowly crawled over to me. As soon as he was within arms reach, I grabbed him by the back of his hair and guided his face into my pussy. Feeling his hot, hungry mouth diving into my pussy felt better than I imagined.

Once Jake got my pussy dripping wet, I pulled him away and demanded that he lay down on the patio and pull his cock out. What came out of his pants was a cock that was so beautiful. So perfect, that it would make the Gods green with envy; 8-inches long and almost as thick as a can of soda can, just looking at it made my pussy drip. I stood over Jake and lowered my pussy onto his rock hard cock. The feeling of Jake’s fat, mushroom head pushing inside of me, spreading me open was incredible. While riding his cock, I pulled my tits out of the top of my dress leaned over and let him feast on my hard nipples. Jake grabbed my hips, pulling me down so that he could grind his cock deep into me. I could feel the fat head of Jake’s cock throbbing inside of me, pressing against my G-Spot. My pussy exploded on Jake’s cock. Waves of hot wet cum dripping out of my pussy and down Jake’s cock. Seconds later I could feel Jake’s cock throb before he burst a massive load of cum inside of me.

When we were finished, I handed Jake a towel and told him to clean-up and let himself out. My husband will be home soon. As Jake pulled himself together, I went into my bedroom and got undress. I laid down on the bed naked, waiting for my husband to come home. I wonder if he will like cleaning Jake’s cum out of my pussy. The only thing better than being a cheating wife with a boy toy is having a husband that will clean your lover’s cum out of you.

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