Cheating Wife Can’t get enough of my personal contractor!

The contractor Brad and I had breakfast together one day and breakfast lead to lunch which lead to us going our separate ways because I reminded him I had a pathetic husband and I couldn’t continue to fuck him behind his back. He understood and we went our separate ways. Months went by and I had not heard from Brad. Winter came and my gutters were covered in snow and the melting snow was causing a leak inside my house. In a panic this cheating wife called the contractor.

When I heard his voice I felt my desire. My desire was saying I can’t wait for him to come over so I can see him in his tool belt again. He said he would be over the next day to fix the gutter issue. When he arrived I didn’t even show him the repair that I needed I grabbed him instantly and began to kiss him. He kissed me back and picked me up, I wrapped my legs around his waist as he carried me into my den.

He laid me down on the couch and began to put his fingers in my pussy.

I was moaning and screaming for more. I was begging for his cock to pound my slutty cheating wife pussy. He took his fingers out and put his big hard cock inside my naughty cunt. Then he fucked me hard and fast just how I liked it. I had my legs in the air with my stiletto’s still on my feet. He moaned for my tight pussy and kept fucking me, harder and harder. Pounding me. Suddenly we both here a deep breath.

The deep breath we heard was my pathetic husband who walked in on us, walked in on me getting the best fuck of my life, he said in a shallow voice “what the fuck!”. We stopped fucking and got dressed quicker then physically possible. my pathetic husband was on his knees crying. Crying like a pathetic bitch because he had no idea he married a cheating wife. The contractor left without a word. All I could see was my pathetic husband crying, crying over the pain I had caused him. I comforted my pathetic husband but all I was thinking about was the contractors stiff cock making me squirt and cum all over his amazing dick.

He was the sexiest man I had ever been with. All I want is for this pathetic bitch husband of mine to stop crying so I can fuck the contractor again. I want more of that cock inside of me.

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