I would love to be the cheating wife you have dreamed and craved for. You would know exactly why I married you.  Of course, you are handsome, but the main reason is that you spoil me rotten.  You are always so attentive and you love to make sure I have everything I could ever want or need.  So, when I tell you that I need a personal trainer you don’t hesitate to give me what I want.  Besides, I am your ebony princess and you have to keep me happy.  Without hesitation, I began hunting for the perfect personal trainer to get this body right for the summer.

I was excited about my search for the new trainer.  So I enlisted my best friend Keisha to help me find one.   She is the type of person that knows someone, that knows someone. I mean this girl can find answers for anything you need.   So Keisha did not fail me this time.  She came back with several names and referrals from her co-workers and friends.  Keisha said there was one guy that came highly recommended by several of the ladies.  She suggested that maybe I should check him out first.    I saved his name and number in my phone and decided to call later to try to set an appointment.

 Ready to meet the trainer!

Sitting on the couch that evening, I grabbed my phone to search for his number.   Thumbing through my contact until I reach his number, labeled “Personal Trainer “.  I pressed the call button and waited for him to answer.   When he did answer, his voice was strong and deep, with a Caribbean accent.   I explained that my husband was paying for me to get a personal trainer and he came highly recommended.  He confidently gave his accolades and achievements, I was impressed.  He listened as I told him of my goal, then recommended we meet in person.  Letting me know that his gym is being painted and he could come to me or I could come to his place.   So, I decided on the latter.   We agreed on a date and time and he gave me the address to come to.

Two days later, I pulled up outside of his house in my workout clothes for my first session.  He invited me in and we began to talk about our contract.  After the contract was signed we began our first workout session.  He was gentle with his direction but demanded perfection.   When instructing me on my form he did not hesitate to use his hand our body to guide me to the correct position.  And damn that was turning me all the way on.  Apparently, him too, cause I could feel his huge Big Black Cock rubbing up against my ass.

Cheating wife craves a big black cock!

Now, of course, I love you and you’re my husband, and I would never want to leave you.   I am your princess, and I don’t want that to ever change.   But this ebony pussy is craving this BBC and I need to be satisfied now.   So this cheating wife did the only thing that she could.  Letting him workout my body and this sweet ebony pussy is what  I really needed.

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