Does it make me a Cheating Wife if my husband ISN’T watching?

The Cheating Wife has urges when hubby isn’t home.  And I don’t think he would want to see me suffer.

The gardener has been doing fall clean up and I can’t stop myself from watching him as he does his work.

I can’t resist any longer!  I go outside and ask the gardener if he needs help.  His smile makes my pussy start to get wetter.  I’ve been rubbing my pussy since I’ve been watching him.  And of course, he wants my help.

The gardener and I have been together sexually while my husband watched us.  But now it’s just the gardener and I, what shall we do?

I helped him for a short time and then made the excuse of being thirsty in order to stop and get his complete attention.  I told him to follow me and that I left drinks at the tree house.

Our clothes were off after the first sip of the hot hard cider.  And we were kissing and touching each other all over.  We make our way to the bed and fall into the wonderful position of “69”.  I feel his tongue all over my pussy and I put the head of his cock in between my lips and suck on it gently.  Then I put the tip of my tongue in his pee hole so I can taste him.  As we excite each other more and more, I turn myself around and position my pussy over his cock and make him disappear inch by inch.  His cock fills my pussy so much better than my husband’s does.  The gardener looks up at me and tells me to ride his cock.  I start to move up and down, squeezing his cock as I go for my ride.

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