A cheating white girlfriend isn’t what you expected to find. But then you walked in on me.

We hadn’t been at this dating game for a long time, just a couple of months now. But you thought we were getting pretty serious. You never thought I would be a cheating white girlfriend. I was everything that you ever wanted. We shared the same fetishes and high sex drive. Everything is so intense when we are together. The time spent away from each other was terrible for you. You thought it was the same way for me until you saw the scene that would replay in your mind for hours.

You walked in on a long day of work expecting me to be home waiting on you. Well, I was home but I wasn’t waiting for you. That’s the exact moment I became your cheating white girlfriend surrounded by huge black cocks. I was on all fours with two muscular black guys hovering their cocks right above my mouth. Then you heard the screams as another black cock started fucking my pussy. He was slamming into me so hard that you were pretty sure he would break me, but my screams and moans of pleasure just got louder.

It was a couple of minutes of you watching me getting pounded in my pussy, and in my throat at the same time before you could even speak.

These guys were being so rough with your cheating white girlfriend.

You had only had gentle, sensual sex with me. How could I like something this nasty? Once you caught my eye, you could see how lust hungry I was. Nothing mattered more to me then draining every cock that was in our bedroom.

“Oh fuck! Hunny is that you?” I half screamed over to you in between trading cocks in my mouth. At first, you don’t answer. You leave the doorway and get closer to me. That’s when you are able to notice the glaze of cum that already coats my face and lips. It is definitely more than just one guy’s cum.

“What the fuck are you doing babe!?” you say to me while you are eyeing the cock going in and out of my cunt. I try to answer you but it just comes out in moans since the guys don’t bother to stop just because you are here.

You start to get angry at me. I have just ruined your perfect fantasy because I was acting like a white breeding slut. You thought I was the only one for you while I was off fucking these big black cocks. I wasn’t your dream girl anymore. Now, I am your cheating white girlfriend.

You were not a cuckold and the thought of just letting these guys fuck your girl was driving you mad.

So, you took off your work suit and pants. The look of desperation on my face made your cock hard even if you didn’t want to admit it to yourself.

“You are missing a cock up your ass babe!” you snarked at me. Then you start moving your cock right to my ass cheeks. You rubbed your cock against me, and I could feel your pre-cum leaking down to my thighs. The guy who was fucking my pussy moved me so I was bouncing on his cock. My asshole was now in full view of your taking.

Of course, you didn’t waste any time getting payback on your cheating white girlfriend.

You spit on your cock to lube it up. Suddenly, I felt your cock inch into my asshole. You went slow at first until you reached the halfway mark, then you slammed into me. All my holes were filled up with cock. And it felt so good. All I wanted was to milk both your balls dry until there was absolutely no cum left.

Then I felt your cock start to spasm inside my ass right at the same time the others did. Next, I clenched down and came with all four of you. Fresh layers of cum now covered my body. It felt so good. I may be your white cheating girlfriend now, but at least I know you can give me exactly what I want.

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