Cheating Slutty Secretary: Becoming Mr. Anderson’s Toy

In the last few weeks, my boss has been flirting with me hardcore. He began rubbing my shoulders, then quickly rubbing his big cock on my arms. There were a few times where he even slapped my ass. I just needed to have it inside me. So I finally decided to give in and become his cheating slutty secretary. My goal was to see if he is all talk or if he’s willing to fuck me over his desk as he says. I stayed late one evening, knowing he was going to be there finishing up some work for the company. My husband was out of town so I knew I had as much time as I needed with Mr. Anderson.

I had packed the sexiest thing I had available to me, a black lace bra that was 2 sizes too small, a tiny pink thong and some things high stockings. I hid away in the bathroom as the office emptied. As I waited for the office to clear I could only think of how hot this would go. I got so hot I fingered myself in the stall. I couldn’t help it, I was so wet dripping through my panties, I needed to get everything ready for him.

The office was finally empty and it was time for me to see what Mr. Anderson really had hidden inside his pants.

This cheating slutty secretary saw him sitting at his computer, so I knocked on the door waiting for him to answer it.

I waited, the suspense was killing me. What was taking him so long? Then I saw why he swung the door open and there he was in all his glory. Mr. Anderson’s hard cock was waiting for me. He knew I was coming, and in more ways than one. He was ready for me, his dick throbbing while he stroked himself. I felt my panties fill up with cum, this was what I was waiting for and Mr. Anderson did not disappoint in the giant cock department.

He grabbed me by the shoulders and pinned me up against the wall, I felt his cock slide in between my legs rubbing my clit, he grabbed me by the neck and kissed me. My heart was beating through my chest, this is the thrill I’ve been missing all my life. It was my goal in life to be the sluttiest cheating wife that ever lived.

He choked me harder and I started to gasp for air, as I started to see things go dark he let his hand go and kissed me, sliding his finger into my tight little asshole.

I was in heaven, I needed this giant cock inside me.

I wanted to be the best cheating slutty secretary he had ever been with. Mr. Anderson grabbed me by the hair and threw me onto my knees. I had been deep throated before, but not like this. I could feel it bend into my throat. Gasping for air I clawed at him, but he would not let me breathe. My mascara began to roll down my face, once again I saw it all go dark and he pulled his cock from my throat.

Drool running down my face and cock, I grabbed it with both hands and forced it back down into my throat. There was so much drool all over my face and my throbbing tits. I grabbed his waist and shoved his cock down my throat even further pushing myself to take all of his throbbing dick.

He pulled his cock from my throat, grabbed me by the hair and drug me to his desk. Mr. Anderson slammed me onto his desk ripped my panties off and slid his spit covered cock into my ass. He didn’t give a second thought to my wet pussy, he just shoved that giant cock into my tiny virgin ass.

He began pounding my ass harder and harder, the desk was moving across the room the items on his desk falling to the ground all I could do was hold on.

Mr. Anderson let his caveman masculinity take what he wanted, and I could feel his dick grow as he was getting closer to cumming inside me. I finally let out a loud scream, FUCK MY ASS MR. ANDERSON, PLEASE FUCK ME. That sent him over the edge, he grabbed me by the shoulders pushed his cock so far in my tight little asshole and released the largest load of cum I’ve ever felt.

He pulled his cum covered cock out of my ass and shoved it back into my mouth. Mr. Anderson looked me in the eyes and told me to clean him off. I agreed. It was the sexiest thing I’d ever been told to do. Kalina was no longer just a cheating slutty secretary anymore, I was his slutty little sex slave, and oh my god was it amazing.

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