Cheating Sex Stories, The idea of getting caught turns me on!

Every time I cheat on my husband I know it could be the last! He might leave me but I love the thrill of the cheat! The sneaking around, the secret meetings, the private little messages. Let’s be real, cheating sex is hot as fuck but married sex is boring!

When was the last time you fucked your wife breathless? Or showed up unexpectedly and ripped her panties off!  Well, when your cheating, it happens all the time!

I once went to the guys’ work site that I was cheating with and fucked him in my car right there! Everyone knew what we were doing and I didn’t know they didn’t know my husband!

It was thrilling but if I showed up to my husband’s work and expected a quick romp in the bathroom he would think I had lost my mind and ask me what was for supper!

Everyone cheats don’t they?

Perhaps I have been married for too long! Honestly once we said I do I can say our passion faded after the first year! Does that happen to everyone? I don’t know, but I do know there is a lot of people out there cheating!

Once when my husband and I went to the movies, I kept trying to play with his dick and he kept pushing me away. The guy sitting beside us a couple seats over noticed what I was doing and smiled at me. He even motioned that I could have access to his dick if I liked.

So to get even with my husband I excused myself to the bathroom.  There I met Mr. horny and gave him a quick blowjob. Afterward, I returned to my seat and gave my husband a kiss with my dick tasting mouth. Of course, he was oblivious.

I wrapped a bow around his best friends dick!

I cannot even count how many times I have cheated at this point. He has caught me a few times, like last Christmas when he came home early and found me wrapping a bow around his best friends dick!

He no longer has him for a best friend but he stayed with me and I promised I would not cheat again. I had my fingers crossed, haha!

I will always cheat. Even when I am particularly not horny, if I see a handsome guy it is like a challenge whether or not I can get his dick in one of my holes! The chase and the cheat make me extremely HORNY!

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