Cheating sex stories, Two can play that naughty game!

Cheating sex stories, Two can play that naughty game! The other day I was feeling very suspicious of my boyfriend’s behavior. He was acting very strange when I called him after work one day, he was very passive and didn’t want to say I love you. So, of course, I was suspicious and I decided that later that night when he went to bed I would go through his cell phone to see if he was sneaking around. Usually, I can sign right in no problem but this time he put a lock on it… Hmmmm.

Because I know him so well I figured out the passcode pretty easy. As I looked through his phone everything looked normal until I went to his pictures. In his pictures were pictures of like three different girls getting it on with my man. Graphic cum shots in their cunts and everything. Now I don’t know if you realize the type of person I am but I am not going to just lay down and take a man degrading me in such a way. So I got my phone and dialed my ex with the biggest cock and told him to come over. When he got there I explained how I had found out he was cheating on me and wanted to get back at my boyfriend but I needed his help to do so.

Cheating sex stories, Two can play that game!

My Ex and I quietly walked into the room trying not to make any noise… Yet. We stripped down completely naked and began kissing and touching our naked bodies together next to my sleeping boyfriend. I couldn’t help the wicked grin on my face. I actually started to forget that he was next to us as I got into fucking my ex. Feeling his big cock deep inside of me made me moan loud. Suddenly I felt my Boyfriend stir and wake up, I never stopped moaning, in fact, I actually started moaning louder I wanted him to see me with a BBC deep inside of me.

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