Let The Cheating Sex Stories Begin

I’d decided to treat myself to a few days away. And as usual, my workaholic boyfriend said he just couldn’t take the time, big surprise. He assumed I’d let the idea go if he wasn’t going to come along, but I said no. I’d just go alone and have a good time. I smiled to myself and thought if only he knew the good time I had planned! I decided to take a different guy to bed each night just for the hell of it. Once I got checked in and settled, I thought I wonder who will be the lucky guy tonight. Let the cheatingCasey has hot cheating sex stories sex stories begin. I didn’t have to wonder long. The young man bringing in my bags was quite good looking, and as soon as I started flirting with him. It didn’t take long before we were tumbling into bed and I was getting fucked with my legs over his shoulders and his young cock pounding my shaved pussy until I came. I order room service, had a nice meal and went to sleep.

He Fucked Intensely, And hard

The next day I was lounging around the pool enjoying the sun and a man sunning himself alone caught my eye. And I went over and asked if I could join him, as the chair next to him was empty and he said of course. He was there on business and we struck up a conversation and spent most of the day together. He asked me to dinner and we had a lovely meal. And then he asked if I’d like to stay the night with him and I accepted. He seemed fairly mild mannered, so I was pleasantly surprised when he turned into quite the aggressive tiger in the bedroom.  And He fucked intensely, and hard, and was determined to get as many orgasms out of me as possible. He succeeded in getting five out of me. Between his cock and his tongue. There was barely  any sleep between us, but boy, was I satisfied. He flew home the next day.

I Bet He Was Nearly Ten Inches

After I had a good long sleep to recover from that night of passion. I went out on a bit of sightseeing, and the tour guide was very knowledgeable and funny. As well as sexy. He was a handsome black guy, Tall and well built. I think any vacation spot has countless cheating sex stories that unfold there at any given time. I bet this handsome guide had been involved in more than a few of them with his looks. He knew I was looking at him, and after the tour was over. He asked if I’d like to go get a drink, of course I wasn’t going to say no. I’d never been with a black guy before, and was wondering if the myth was true. You know, about the bigger than average cock size.

I’m pleased to report in this instance it was true, and oh my god, I bet he was nearly ten inches. I truly wondered if I’d be able to accommodate that monster cock of his. But after a bit of trying, we got it in. He was fabulous in bed, and I rode that cock of his and was grinding on him. My little clit was so stiff as I glided up and down his thick shaft. He wasn’t just long, but very thick, so it was a challenge! He was a lot of fun, and I’m glad I gave him a whirl. It was a vacation to remember, and when I got back home my boyfriend asked about it, but I didn’t say much other than I’d had a good time, which was an understatement.

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